4 Reasons Why Seniors Should Wear Sunglasses

Aging comes with changes in health, with the eyes being particularly affected. The National Institute on Aging reveals that it’s common for older adults to experience vision changes, such as losing the ability to see up close, having difficulty distinguishing colors, and being more sensitive to sudden light changes.

Seniors are vulnerable to certain eye diseases, like age-related macular degeneration, cataracts, and glaucoma. All of these make their vision more blurry and unfocused—and some may even lead to permanent blindness.

Seniors should wear sunglasses to protect their eyes from the sun’s harmful UV rays, reduce glare that can impair vision, and allow them to safely enjoy the sunshine and its health benefits. Sunglasses are available in various styles with lenses offering UV protection, making them ideal for seniors with poor vision who may require prescription sunglasses.

4 Reasons Why Seniors Should Wear Sunglasses

Given these vulnerabilities and potential conditions, seniors must protect their eyes to prevent further damage.

Wearing sunglasses is one way to do so, and here are the reasons why:

Sunglasses provide shade for their eyes

Sunglasses have dark tints and offer various features to reduce the eyes’ exposure to portions of sunlight. Even the most minimal blocking of light can benefit seniors, as their eyes are more sensitive due to age.

Unfortunately, seniors with poor vision may struggle to wear sunglasses because they are not aligned with their prescription needs. Many seniors use prescription glasses to improve their vision, so they usually get torn between choosing to wear their prescription glasses versus their sunglasses. However, this doesn’t need to be the case with the prescription sunglasses from Eyebuydirect easily available online for people with poor eyesight—like seniors. With this, they can keep their vision clear and shield their eyes from the sunlight’s harmful effects. Their Rex sunglasses are compatible with prescription lenses and are also high-quality in design and durability.

Proper eyewear can prevent eye diseases

The eyes of senior citizens are quite sensitive due to their increased exposure to the sun’s harmful UV rays over time. In fact, eye diseases like presbyopia, cataracts, and macular degeneration are all linked to excessive sun exposure.

Due to senior citizens’ high risk for eye conditions, Walmart Optical provides AARP discounts for eligible individuals. Senior citizens can get up to 30% discount on glasses and free shipping on orders over $50, making it easier for older adults to protect their eyes from harsh UV rays. Through these affordable eyewear options, senior citizens can prevent their eyes from experiencing any further damage and lower their risk for alarming eye conditions.

They shield the eyes from glare

Besides eye damage, sunlight produces harsh light and glare that can impair a person’s vision. Even a brief moment of blindness from glare can result in injury—such as falls—that can be fatal for seniors.

Senior citizens can improve the clarity of their vision in daylight and reduce their risks for injuries by wearing polarized sunglasses regularly. Eyewear brand Maui Jim specializes in making these polarized sunglasses, which is why they have a patent over their glare-reducing lenses. Eye care professionals point out that the brand is quite popular among the elderly because of their top-quality products. As such, you can expect these sunglasses to effectively reduce glare in events with direct light on the eyes, such as when walking or driving. Through these polarized sunglasses, seniors can maintain a clearer view of their surroundings and navigate through pathways properly.

They let seniors safely enjoy the sunshine

Excessive sun exposure can be harmful to senior citizens, but the right amount of exposure can actually help them get essential health benefits. Sunshine provides vitamin D that improves seniors’ defense against certain diseases. It can also curb feelings of depression that older adults may feel due to being away from loved ones.

Seniors can safely enjoy these benefits when basking in the sun with sunglasses. They don’t have to worry about eye damage as long as they have a pair with high UV protection. Senior citizens can do this by using the durable eyewear from Knockaround, which can be worn on the beach or in the snow, thanks to their strong materials. In addition to offering different frame styles in a wide range of colors, they also have lenses with high UV protection labeled UV400. This blocks 99-100% of UV light, ensuring seniors of optimal eye safety when they’re outdoors.

Sunglasses are not simply stylish accessories. Senior citizens can benefit from using these eyewear pieces regularly because they can improve their vision and reduce their risk for any eye conditions caused by sun damage.

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