Albertsons Senior Hours

To ensure their customers’ safety, Albertsons follows some regulations that the CDC has recommended. The overall goal is to keep both the regular population as well as the at-risk sections safe. 


Does Albertsons Have Special Hours For Seniors?

No, Albertsons does not have special hours for seniors.

Does Albertsons Have Special Hours For Seniors On Sunday?

No, Albertsons does not currently offer special hours on Sundays for seniors, but the store is still open to all. 

Does Albertsons Have Early Morning Hours For Seniors?

No, Albertsons does not maintain early hours for seniors. However, most stores open at 6:00 AM for all shoppers.  

Does Albertsons Have Discounts For Seniors?

As of September 2023, Albertsons does not offer specific discounts for senior citizens. Instead, they provide savings opportunities through their Balance Rewards Program, weekly ads and coupons, a Prescription Savings Club, and possible military and veterans discounts. Seniors can also save by purchasing store-brand products and utilizing sales and promotions.

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