Cracker Barrel and Senior Discounts: Current Facts

This guide explores Cracker Barrel’s policy on senior citizens discounts, why they do not offer such discounts, and alternative ways for seniors to save money when dining at Cracker Barrel.

What Is the Cracker Barrel Senior Discount Policy? 

As of September 2023, Cracker Barrel does not have a specific senior citizens discount policy. They do not offer discounts exclusively for senior customers based on age.

Why Doesn’t Cracker Barrel Offer a Senior Discount? 

Cracker Barrel’s decision not to offer a senior discount may be influenced by their overall pricing and marketing strategy. The restaurant chain focuses on providing consistent, value-priced meals to all customers and may choose not to allocate resources to specific senior discounts.

What Other Discounts Does Cracker Barrel Offer? 

While Cracker Barrel does not have a senior discount, they do provide other ways for customers to save money:

Balance Rewards Program: Cracker Barrel offers a loyalty program that allows customers to earn rewards and special offers based on their dining purchases.
Weekly Ad & Coupons: Keep an eye on Cracker Barrel’s weekly advertisements and potential digital coupons for special promotions and discounts.
Gift Cards and Special Promotions: Cracker Barrel occasionally offers gift card promotions, where you can purchase gift cards at a discount, which can lead to savings on future visits.
Military and Veterans Discount: Cracker Barrel may offer discounts to military personnel and veterans as a token of appreciation.

Are There Any Alternatives to a Senior Discount at Cracker Barrel? 

Although Cracker Barrel does not offer a senior discount, seniors can still save money when dining there through these alternatives:

Loyalty Program: Join Cracker Barrel’s loyalty program to earn rewards and enjoy exclusive offers.
Special Promotions: Keep an eye out for special promotions and limited-time offers, especially during holidays and seasons when Cracker Barrel may feature discounted meal bundles.
Gift Cards: Consider purchasing Cracker Barrel gift cards during promotions to receive extra value for your money.

How Can Seniors Save Money at Cracker Barrel? 

Seniors can save money at Cracker Barrel by choosing value-priced menu items, sharing meals when possible, and taking advantage of any ongoing promotions or loyalty rewards. Additionally, dining during non-peak hours may offer a more budget-friendly experience.

Do Other Restaurants Offer Senior Discounts? 

As far as we’re aware, competitor restaurants like Chipotle Mexican Grill, The Cheesecake Factory, or IHOP do not offer senior discounts either.

They might have offers once in a while but it can only be confirmed after visiting the respective restaurants.


Cracker Barrel does not offer a senior citizens discount. Seniors can explore alternative ways to save money while dining at Cracker Barrel, such as participating in loyalty programs, taking advantage of special promotions, and purchasing gift cards during promotional periods.

Keep in mind that restaurant policies and offerings can change, so it’s advisable to verify the current discounts and savings programs with your local Cracker Barrel establishment.

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