Does Burger King Give 10% Off for Seniors?

Burger King is one of the most popular fast food restaurants in the United States. They’re known for their grilled burgers and coffee, but do they offer a 10% discount for seniors?

Burger King does not offer a 10% discount for seniors as a company policy. However, franchises are permitted to offer a 10% discount to seniors if they want. 

This article will examine the many discounts and perks that seniors can receive at Burger King as well as some more ways to save money at Burger King. 

How to Get a 10% Senior Discount at Burger King

As mentioned previously, only some Burger King franchises offer senior discounts. There’s no location preference for it – some franchisees offer it while others choose not to offer it. The only way to find out is to ask the cashier. 

Anyway, if the Burger King offers a senior discount, then these are normally the requirements:

  • Be over 55 to 65 years old.
  • Present a valid ID to the cashier. 

Other Senior Perks at Burger King

Burger King franchises have great liberty in the discounts they can offer. We have read reports of Burger Kings around the country offering the following perks to seniors:

  • Free soft drinks (with an order)
  • Free coffee (with an order)
  • Free small fries (with an order)

Again, this can vary depending on the franchise. Most Burger Kings will not offer any perks to seniors, but those that do can offer a lot of different things to seniors. 

Does Burger King Offer a Military Discount?

Burger King does not offer military discounts as a company policy. Franchises can offer a military discount if they would like and many of them do. It’s typically a 5% to 10% discount for active duty and retired military members. 

The only requirement is presenting a valid military ID at a Burger King that offers a military discount. It’s not normally advertised, so it’s something that you just have to ask the cashier about. 

Download The Burger King App

The best advice for saving money at Burger King is to download the Burger King app. There are so many great offers on the app that it’s a necessity for anyone that likes Burger King. Some of the discounts available on the Burger King app include the following:

  • The Whopper is Burger King’s flagship product. The Burger King app has a buy one get one free deal, so you essentially get a 50% discount if you buy two Whoppers.
  • Burger King offers breakfast these days and they have a great deal on their app. You can get 50% off on two biscuits, a hashbrown, and coffee.
  • The biggest savings you can get at Burger King is two chicken sandwiches and two small fries for $8. This is over a 50% discount compared to the retail price.
  • Another massive savings is the $11.99 for two Whoppers, two fries, and two drinks. It’s a nearly 50% savings.

That’s just some of the discounts available on the Burger King app. There are a lot of discounts available and they add and remove discounts all the time. The app is free to download and easy to use; it’s definitely worth using if you go to Burger King often enough. 

Use The Burger King App to Earn Crowns

Burger King crowns are points on the app. If you spend money on the app, then you earn crowns. 

If you have enough crowns, then you can redeem them for different menu items. Every $1 spent earns 10 crowns and 1400 crowns can be redeemed for any $6.89 to $7.99 menu item. 

That’s a very good rate. And if you are already spending money at Burger King, then you may as well earn free crowns to get free food at Burger King.

Complete The Burger King Survey

Don’t throw away your Burger King receipt because it sometimes has a link to a survey on it. Completing the survey can give you a free Whopper, chicken sandwich, or Croissan’wich with the purchase of fries and a drink. 

A Whopper costs $5.49, so you can actually save a decent amount of money if you collect enough points for one. 

Cheap Whopper Juniors

You can make your own custom Whopper Jr for much cheaper by ordering a custom burger. All you have to do is order a standard cheeseburger like this:

  • No mustard
  • No ketchup
  • Add mayonnaise, tomato, lettuce, and onions

That’s how Burger King makes a Whopper Jr, but it only costs $1.69 when you order it like that as opposed to $2.69 for ordering a regular Whopper Jr. 

Value Drinks Save Money

If you are dining in at Burger King, then you can get free refills. This makes ordering the smallest cup size the best deal.

The smallest cup at Burger King is the value size that costs $1.59. 

This does not work for drive-thru, but you can order without ice to save money. The drinks are still cold without ice. 

Customizations are Free or Cheap

Burger King has a company motto of, “Have it your way.”

That applies to more than just the drinks. Burger King is more than happy to customize your burger order. They will add or take vegetables off for free on all your burger orders. 

Meat customizations cost money, but it’s not a lot. 

  • $1.20 for an extra patty
  • $0.25 for a tomato slice
  • $0.80 for four slices of bacon

The other benefit of making a custom order is that they have to make the order immediately after you order it. This guarantees that the order will be fresh, so it’s also a good technique to guarantee a very fresh burger.

Final Thoughts

To summarize, Burger King does not offer a senior discount at all their locations. They do have a lot of coupons available on their app and their in-app points system offers plenty of ways to save money when buying food at the fast food restaurant. 

It’s possible to save a lot of money at Burger King even if your location does not offer a senior discount. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does Burger King give 10% off for seniors?

Customers 60 years and over get 10 percent off at Burger King. Some Burger King restaurants offer discounts for seniors, including 10% off on orders over 60.

  • How much is Amazon Prime per year for seniors?

This Amazon Prime Discount for Senior Citizens is available to seniors who are eligible for government assistance programs like Food stamps or Medicaid. Amazon Prime members who have an EBT or Medicaid card are eligible for a discount and a $71.88 annual Amazon Prime membership.

  • What is considered poor in Ohio?

According to the Ohio Department of Development, this amounts to approximately $46,375 per year for a family of 4. For 2021, the federal poverty line is $26,500. Here are the income eligibility levels for households of different sizes: From 1 to 222,540

  • At what age are you considered a senior citizen in Ohio?

The mission of SeniorCitizensofOhio. The mission of is to improve the lives and quality of life for Ohio seniors 55+ by offering current news, information and resources as well as discounts and events.

  • What is the highest income to qualify for Medicaid?

Federal Poverty Level requirements to be eligible for Medicaid. The Federal Poverty Level refers to the family size in the 48 lower states and District of Columbia. It is, for example, $13,590 per adult, $27750 for four people, and $46,630 per eight.

  • Does Outback offer senior discounts?

Special Offer for AARP Members: 10% Discount on Lunch or Dinner at Participating Outback Steakhouse Locations in the USA

  • Do seniors get free drinks at Burger King?

Minimum Age: 60 Years Old. Get 10% Discount on your Burger King order Additional discount on coffee and soft drinks

  • What to drink after throwing up?

You can drink water, tea, broth, soft drinks with carbonation, and noncaffeinated sports beverages. Drinking sugary beverages may be more soothing than drinking other liquids. You can temporarily stop using oral medications. They can worsen vomiting.

  • Why do you drink Sprite when you’re sick?

This popular and quick remedy is usually found in the form ginger ale, cola or clear sodas. It’s said that it helps to settle stomachs with its fizz.

  • Why is mcdonalds milkshake always broken?

Why can’t McDonald’s put its heads together and offer customers the products they desire? It takes four hours to wash the ice cream machine at McDonald’s. This is in addition to having to be cleaned every day. The machines can’t be served ice cream while they are being cleaned.

  • Why does mcdonalds Sprite taste better?

Superior Syrup Techniques Similar to McDonald’s Coke and other soda fountains, Sprite’s syrup-to-water ratio is greater than that found in cans or bottles. To compensate for melting ice, McDonald’s adds more syrup to your drink.

  • What is considered low income for seniors in Ohio?

Low income seniors are those who make less than $30,000 a year. This accounts for 40% of senior citizens. Senior financial assistance includes aid with housing, nutrition and healthcare. The most popular programs are Medicare, Medicaid, SNAP and HUD public housing.

  • What to eat after puking?

Bananas, bananas, dried toast, and applesauce are all good options. This is known as the BRAT diet. Avoid foods with caffeine or fats/oils that may irritate the stomach, such as alcohol, coffee, tea, or spicy foods, and avoid eating for 24-48 hours.

  • Does Wendy’s senior discount?

You can get 10% discount at most locations. Participation, age requirements, and discounts may differ.

  • Does Burger King give free senior drinks?

Customers 60 years and over get 10 percent off at Burger King. Some Burger King restaurants offer discounts for seniors, including 10% off on orders over 60.

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