Does Walmart Give Seniors a Discount?

Retail stores all over the country have realized the importance of seniors spending money at their store. This raises the question, does America’s Walmart offer a discount to seniors that  shop with them?

Walmart does not usually offer a senior discount to customers. They have been known to do it on rare occasions as part of promotions, though. 

The remainder of this article will focus on ways to access this senior discount and the many methods to save money when shopping at Walmart. 

Are Seniors Eligible for a Discount at Walmart?

Seniors are not eligible for a discount at Walmart as a general rule. Walmart does occasionally offer senior discounts on certain occasions at certain locations, but as a company wide policy seniors are not eligible for a discount when shopping at the stores.

This applies to Walmarts around the world, too. Walmarts in Canada and Walmarts in Mexico do not regularly offer senior discounts, either.

How Much is Walmart’s Senior Discount?

It’s almost always a relatively small 5% on the total price of the bill on the occasions that Walmart offers a senior discount. Again, this is not something regularly offered by the retail giant, so it’s something that you must know in order to receive it when shopping there. 

How to Get a Senior Discount at Walmart

Receiving a senior discount at Walmart requires a little bit of legwork. Remember, it’s not something that they offer on a regular basis. They do advertise it when they offer them. You can find about any senior discount in the following ways:

  • Reading WalMart’s promotional flyers for an announcement of a senior discount day.
  • Asking a store manager if they have any upcoming senior discounts.
  • Asking the cashier if there is a senior discount.
    • This is not the best option as the cashier likely does not know about any upcoming promotions. If there is one offered that day, then they will certainly let you know.

Eligibility Requirements for Walmart’s Senior Discount

There are no strict eligibility requirements for the senior discount because it’s offered as a promotion rather than as a company-wide policy. However, Walmart generally offers the discount to anyone over the age of either 60 or 65 that presents a valid ID to the cashier when checking out:

Is There a Savings Limit to The Senior Discount at Walmart?

There is not an explicitly stated savings limit when using a senior discount at Walmart. The store does reserve the right to limit the amount they discount for any reason, though. This generally is not a problem at Walmart and the company does not seem to mind seniors saving hundreds of dollars a year on their grocery bill with the discount. 

Does Walmart Offer an AARP Discount?

Walmart does not currently offer an AARP discount for groceries. Walmart’s pharmacy does offer an AARP discount when purchasing FDA approved drugs if an AARP Rx card is presented at checkout. 

The discount percentage varies based on the type of medicine being purchased. It’s common to save up to 10% on medication with this discount. It’s important to note that the discount only applies to FDA-approved drugs. This means vitamins and supplements do not qualify for the AARP discount even if they are purchased at the pharmacy.

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What Items Qualify for the Senior Discount at Walmart?

Walmart does not normally offer a senior discount in stores. On the rare occasions that Walmart offers a senior discount, the discount applies to the entire grocery bill with some restrictions (alcohol, tobacco, etc.). The discount does not usually apply to all the items in the store if shopping in a Walmart Supercenter, though.  

Does Walmart Offer Senior Only Shopping?

Walmart does offer senior-only shopping at certain locations. This is done on Tuesday from 6AM to 7AM. Seniors can present their ID when entering the store to enjoy shopping in peace and less risk of COVID-19. The age requirement is usually 60 years old and older, but it does vary by location.

Other Ways to Save Money at Walmart

Walmart is known for having great prices on everything they sell in the store. It is possible, however, to save even more money when shopping at the retail giant. Here are some ways Walmart customers save money when shopping:

  • Using manufacturer coupons when available.
    • Manufacturers often offer coupons in order to encourage customers to purchase their products. You can find these coupons in newspapers and coupon booklets. These coupons are accepted at Walmart and can result in moderate savings.
  • Use the Walmart Capital One rewards card. This card offers 2% cash back for in-store purchases and 5% for purchases. There is no annual fee with this credit card. It’s a good credit card if you do a lot of shopping at Walmart. You can view it as an automatic 2% or 5% discount when shopping at Walmart.
  • Browse the “Rollbacks and More” section at Walmart for good savings. This section of the store has items with significant discounts. It should be the first place any shopper looking to save money should browse when in a Walmart.
    • This section usually contains a lot of Walmart brand items, but name brand items do make their way to the “Rollbacks and More” section on occasion. Just do not expect to find many of them.
  • Use Walmart coupons when shopping. These coupons can be found online and there are coupons for all kinds of products. Make sure to regularly check for any newly released coupons.
    • You can usually bundle Walmart coupons with manufacturer coupons for even more savings. 

Final Thoughts

Walmart does not regularly offer senior discounts, but they do offer them on occasion for promotional purposes. You can stay up to date on any future senior discount promotions by regularly checking the Walmart promotional booklets or looking at the official Walmart app.

There are plenty of other ways to save money outside of a senior discount, though. These methods include coupons, the Walmart Capital One card, and purchasing items in the “Rollback and More” section of the store.