Panda Express Introduces New Hot Orange Chicken, Netizens Say ‘Not Spicy Enough’

Panda Express, the renowned fast-food chain, has introduced a new variant of its beloved Orange Chicken to its menu for a limited time. The revamped dish, christened Hot Orange Chicken, boasts a spicy new twist, igniting a viral buzz among food enthusiasts. This culinary innovation will be available nationwide until June 23.

Hot Orange Chicken Panda Express
Hot Orange Chicken Panda Express

The New Hot Orange Chicken

The new Hot Orange Chicken is essentially Panda Express’ classic Orange Chicken infused with an added sweet heat. The dish’s heat comes from the inclusion of six scoops of crushed chilies and a ladle full of dried chilies, identical to those used in the company’s celebrated Kung Pao Chicken. The dish can be best described as possessing a ‘sweet and tangy’ flavor with a ‘gradually building’ heat level, as per KTLA.

Behind-the-Scenes Video

Panda Express’ Culinary Innovation Manager, Adrian Lok, shared an exclusive behind-the-scenes video of the spicy dish’s preparation on Instagram. In the video, Lok expresses his long-standing desire to make the Orange Chicken spicier. ‘I really love orange chicken,’ he says, ‘but I always wished it could be a little bit spicier.’ He proceeds to amp up the recipe by adding six scoops of crushed chilies instead of the usual one teaspoon.

Netizens’ Reaction

Despite the excitement generated by the new offering, some spicy food aficionados have expressed disappointment, claiming that the Hot Orange Chicken does not live up to its name.

A Reddit user posted a picture of their order, accompanied by the caption, ‘The new Hot Orange Chicken at Panda Express just came out today, and after having a couple of bites, it was really not that spicy at all. It just has a spicy flavor due to the dried chilies cooked into it.’

Several other Redditors echoed this sentiment, with one commenting, ‘Tried it today. It was not spicy enough. Barely any different than the regular version.’ Another user added, ‘These chains are never gonna serve anything that’s actually spicy.’ Yet another user remarked, ‘They have to cater to the masses. Many in America, black pepper is too spicy.’


The new Hot Orange Chicken may not have lived up to the expectations of some spicy food lovers, but it still offers a unique twist on the classic Orange Chicken. With its added sweet heat and ‘gradually building’ heat level, it is sure to please many fans of the dish. Whether you are a spice enthusiast or just looking for a new twist on a classic, the Hot Orange Chicken is definitely worth trying.

Nutrition InformationHot Orange Chicken
Prep Time45 minutes
Number of Ingredients20 ingredients
Total Servings6 servings
Calories380 calories per serving
Total Fat18g per serving
Saturated Fat3.5g per serving
Cholesterol80mg per serving
Sodium620mg per serving
Total Carbohydrates45g per serving
Dietary Fiber0g per serving
Sugar19g per serving
Protein14g per serving



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