Does Sam’s Club Offer Senior Discounts?

Sam’s Club is a massive membership club store that offers great prices on bulk purchases. A membership is required to make a purchase at Sam’s Club, but is there a senior discount available for membership or for purchases?

Sam’s Club does not currently offer a senior discount on purchases or memberships. It is still possible to receive a senior discount on memberships through third parties or through AARP.

This article will cover some of the ways you can get a senior discount on your Sam’s Club membership and other ways to save money at Sam’s Club. 

Sam’s Club Membership Senior Discount

Sam’s Club does not offer a senior discount on memberships. This does not mean it’s not possible to receive a discount for being a senior, though. 

This is because Sam’s Club offers a discount to AARP cardholders. The Sam’s Club membership costs $45 per year without a discount, but it can get as low as $14.99 per month with an AARP membership card. 

The requirements for an AARP membership card are listed below:

  • Be at least 50 years of age.
  • Pay a membership fee of $16 per year.

Getting a Senior Discount at Sam’s Club

As mentioned previously, Sam’s Club does not directly offer a senior discount. But AARP members can receive a discount on their annual membership fee. 

It’s also possible to receive a senior discount through various senior groups or through various promotions that Sam’s Club offers throughout the year. The best way to find out about these promotions is to simply look for the advertisements in the newspaper, mailers, or online. 

Does Sam’s Club Have Senior Shopping Hours?

Sam’s Club announced senior shopping hours in early 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic. However, this program has been halted at the time of writing. 

Sam’s Club does offer early shopping for Sam’s Club Plus Members. The hours for that are from 8am to 10am  Monday through Friday and 8am to 9am on Saturday. 

Does Sam’s Club Offer a Military Discount?

Sam’s Club does not offer a flat rate military discount like some other stores. However, active duty and retired military members can receive a $45 discount on their first purchase at Sam’s Club. 

The price of a membership at Sam’s Club is $45, so this basically makes the price of the first year of membership free for military members. 

Sam’s Club Military Discount Item Exclusions

The military discount at Sam’s Club does have some item exclusions. The items listed below are not factored into the $45 discount a military member receives on their first Sam’s Club purchase:

  • Tobacco
  • Alcohol
  • Gas and diesel
  • Shipping fees
  • Milk
  • Gift cards
  • Anything from the Sam’s Club pharmacy

Tobacco and alcohol are fairly normal exclusions for any discount. Milk is an odd exclusion, but other than milk pretty much everything at Sam’s Club qualifies for the $45 military discount at Sam’s Club.

Does Sam’s Club Offer Discounts?

Sam’s Club does offer discounts on rare occasions. However, the company is a warehouse club store that sells in bulk, so there are not nearly as many discounts available at Sam’s Club compared to more traditional retailers. 

There are still discounts offered at Sam’s Club, though. Here are some of the discounts available at Sam’s Club:

  • Read the Sam’s Club weekly newsletter. You can find this at the store and it will provide useful information about upcoming promotions or discounts. 
  • Look for closeout items in the store. Sam’s Club does occasionally drop the prices on items that have not sold much. This is more common with non-grocery items such as appliances or televisions. 
  • Use manufacturer rebates when possible. Manufacturers rebates on items as a form of a discount. All that is required to receive the rebate is registering your purchase with the manufacturer. 
  • Get a Sam’s Club Mastercard and earn 5% in Sam’s Cash (must be spent at Sam’s Club) on all purchases and 3% in Sam’s Cash for all Sam’s Club purchases. 

Sam’s Club Doesn’t Accept Coupons

Sam’s Club is one of the rare retailers that does not accept manufacturer coupons. They also do not offer in-store coupons. This is a little disappointing because it is possible to save a decent amount of money by using coupons. Thankfully, Sam’s Club already offers very low prices, so it’s possible to save a lot of money shopping at Sam’s Club without using coupons. 

Sam’s Club Membership Perks

Sam’s Club membership does more than just allow entry into the warehouse store. It also provides discounts outside the store at certain locations. Some places where a Sam’s Club membership can get you a discount include the following:

  • Save up to 25% when renting a car from Hertz with your Sam’s Club membership. 
  • Save up to 25% on Wyndham hotels and resorts with a Sam’s Club membership.
    • This offer is temporary. Sam’s Club partners with many hotels throughout the year to offer discounts, though.
  • Save up to 50% on shows, plays, concerts, and events. You can check out all the different shows that have discounts here
  • Save up to 65% on theme parks tickets with your Sam’s Club membership. This includes parks like Six Flags, Busch Gardens, Disney, and Legoland. The savings with this are quite high and could make a Sam’s Club membership worth it if you like visiting theme parks.

Free Generics at the Sam’s Club Pharmacy

If you have a Sam’s Club Plus membership, then you can get free generic medications at the Sam’s Club pharmacy. These medications include the following:

  • Donepezil
  • Lisinopril
  • Montelukast
  • Sertraline
  • Amlodipine
  • Escitalopram
  • Finasteride
  • Metformin
  • Pioglitazone
  • Vitamin D2

Final Thoughts

To summarize, Sam’s Club does not offer a senior discount for memberships nor do they offer one for items purchased in the store. It is possible to receive a discount on memberships if you present an AARP card at some locations. 

However, Sam’s Club offers such good prices that a senior discount is not necessary to save a lot of money shopping there. There’s also plenty of discounts available out of Sam’s Club stores with a membership card that it’s still worth becoming a Sam’s Club member. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is the 14.99 Sam’s club membership real?

To get started, you will need to have a Sam’s Club membership. A Sam’s Club one-year membership costs approximately $45, however, you can get it for as low as $14.99 right now.

  • How many people can be on a Sam’s club membership?

A Club Membership (45 USD) provides a card and one card each for you, as well as one card for any other member of your household (18 years old or more), except Puerto Rico. A Club Membership plan allows you to add up to eight additional $40 each. At the Membership Desk, you can receive your membership card.

  • What is Sams Plus member?

Sam’s Club Plus is the most valuable Sam’s Club membership. You can get Plus benefits, such as free shipping, to help you grow your business. The Plus membership includes one card for you, the primary member. You can also designate one card to a spouse/household member.

  • How can I get a discount at Sam’s club?

Register to SamsClub. To view Instant Savings activities and other offers, sign in to your account. The Mobile App allows you to view the Instant Savings activity and offers. Instant Savings eliminates the need for coupons and vouchers. The discount will automatically be applied to your checkout when ISB products are purchased during promotional dates.

  • How do I get a complimentary Sam’s club card?

You can add a complimentary cardholder. The complimentary card, which is not charged for, grants a family member 18 or older an additional membership. To associate your business information to a membership, visit any club’s Membership Desk.

  • Is Sam’s cheaper than Walmart?

Sam’s Club generally has a wider selection of items than big-box stores and supermarkets. You will usually be able to save between 30-40 percent and 20 percent on the same grocery store trip as Walmart, Sam’s Club’s parent.

  • How much is a Sam’s membership 2022?

Sam’s Club’s June 2022 $8 Membership Is A Good Deal

  • Who is cheaper Sams or Costco?

Are Sam’s Club or Costco better? Costco’s prices tend to be lower overall. Sam’s Club offers a wider range of products from name brands and has a lower membership fee.

  • Can you get a 1 day pass at Sam’s club?

Sam’s Club One Day Trial Pass will allow you to enter the club. However, if your purchase is more than one day, Sam’s Club will charge you a 10% fee. This may reduce the savings you get from Sam’s Club.

  • Does Sam’s club have any membership specials?

Save $45 on your first purchase in club. All qualifying purchases must be made at club on a register, in one transaction.

  • How do you get a $8 membership at Sam’s club?

An annual Sam’s Club Membership is available for $8. This represents less than one-fourth of regular prices. Sam’s introduced this deal back in January in the first Super Bowl commercial.

  • Can you just walk into Sam’s club without membership?

You can print a one-day guest pass online from Sam’s Club. You can shop at Sam’s Club with the guest pass, however you will be subject to a 10% service charge. California, South Carolina and Elmsford in NY are exempted from this fee.

  • Can I use someone else’s Sam’s club card?

Non-transferable membership cards can only be used by cardholders aged 18 and over. Only you, as the registered member, can use your membership card.

  • How long is the $8 Sam’s club membership?

Sam’s Club has announced that it will offer annual memberships at $8 starting June 17, and ending June 26, for a short time. According to Sam’s Club’s website, a normal membership will cost $45 annually. If you are interested, go to any of the clubs and mention “4th July Offer” at the membership desk.

  • Does Sam’s club offer senior discounts?

Sam’s Club does not offer discounts to senior citizens on memberships or purchases, but they do offer incentives such as earlier shopping hours and discounts that are available for military personnel.


We hope you enjoyed this blog post on how to get a discount at Sam’s Club! As you can see, there are many ways to save money as a senior citizen. We encourage you to take care of your health and wish you a happy old age!

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