Ikea Senior Hours

Even with Covid-19 concerns, home and furniture stores like IKEA continue to experience high footfall. So, IKEA has put up specific measures to protect its elderly customers.


Does Ikea Have Special Hours For Seniors?

Yes, IKEA keeps 9:00-10:00 AM on Tuesdays and Thursdays specially reserved for seniors. However, some outlets may only offer these special hours on Tuesdays. 

Does Ikea Have Special Hours For Seniors On Sunday?

No, IKEA does not reserve special hours on Sundays for seniors. 

Does Ikea Have Early Morning Hours For Seniors?

No, IKEA does not have early hours reserved for their senior shoppers.

Ikea is a Swedish company that has been in business since 1943. The name Ikea comes from the first letters of its founder’s last name, Ingvar Kamprad, and the family farm Elmtaryd. Ikea sells furniture, kitchen appliances and home accessories with prices starting at $2.50 for some items to as high as $3,000 for others. They have stores in 43 countries around the world including Australia and Japan.

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