Kohl’s Senior Hours

Elderly and disabled shoppers have been a focus for many retailers in recent years. One of these retailers is Kohl’s, who has created Kohl’s Senior Hours to provide better shopping experiences for this demographic. Through the program, Kohl’s hopes to make it easier for seniors and people with disabilities to shop at their locations while they are open.

What are Kohl’s Senior Hours? Kohl’s Senior hours are from 9 am to 10 am every Wednesday.


Does Kohl’s Have Special Hours For Seniors On Sunday?

No. At present, Kohl’s does not have any dedicated hours for seniors on Sundays.

Does Kohl’s Have Early Morning Hours For Seniors?

No, Kohl’s does not offer early morning hours for seniors. Kohl’s only provides dedicated hours every Wednesday from 9 am to 10 am.