Does AAA Give Senior Discounts?

AAA is a very common membership for US drivers. It’s relatively affordable with rates starting at $75 per year, but do they offer a senior discount? 

AAA is a federation of 42 independently owned businesses covering different regions. Some AAA affiliates offer a senior discount while others do not. Whether or not you receive a senior discount on your AAA membership depends on your regional office’s policy.

The rest of this article will explain the many benefits of a AAA membership and some of the other discounts available on memberships.

The Classic AAA Membership is the least expensive option offered by the American Automobile Association (AAA). It costs $38-$74. However, prices may vary depending on location and membership term. The other two memberships offered by the AAA are plus membership ($60-$124) and premier membership ($77-$164). 

Money Talks: Which Membership Makes Your Wallet Happy?

As a senior, it’s important to have peace of mind when you’re out and about. Enter the AAA, with not one, not two, but three different membership levels to choose from. Classic, Plus, and Premier: 

  • If you’re looking for the basics, the Classic Membership is where it’s at. Roadside assistance, travel discounts, and access to AAA’s travel planning tools will keep you on the road and in the know.
  • But wait, there’s more! The Plus Membership goes above and beyond with extended towing distance and free fuel delivery. And even bicycle coverage. Talk about going the extra mile! 
  • And for those who want it all, the Premier Membership is the way to go. All the benefits of the Classic and Plus Memberships, plus one-day car rentals and up to $150,000 in travel accident insurance coverage. And you’ll be ready for anything that comes your way.

The price tag of being an AAA member is like a box of chocolates – you never know what you’re gonna get! But why? Well, because each AAA club sets its own prices, it’s a bit of a mixed bag:

PlanClassic Membership Price/yearPlus Membership Price/year Premier Membership Price/year
Cost per year for primary member$38-$74$60-$124$77-$164
Cost per year per additional member$25-$48$34-$80$45-$109

As you can see, the Classic Membership is usually the cheapest option. But don’t forget that membership costs can change. And it depends on where you are and other factors.

Now, if you have a few extra Benjamins to spare, the Plus and Premier Memberships offer some extra cool benefits. No matter which membership level you choose, AAA is committed to providing you with the support and coverage you need to enjoy your golden years to the fullest. 

Classic Membership: Perks That Will Make You Smile

With benefits that will make you grin from ear to ear, you’ll never want to leave home without it. Check out some of the perks that come with a Classic Membership:

1. Emergency Roadside Assistance

Seniors, do you often travel alone? Get ready to be rescued with 24/7 emergency roadside assistance. Towing, battery service, flat tire service, fuel delivery, and lockout service are just a phone call away from anywhere in the United States or Canada.

2. Discounts on travel, shopping, and entertainment

You’ve worked hard your entire life. So why not enjoy discounted travel, shopping, and entertainment? With AAA Classic Membership, you can enjoy deals on hotels, rental cars, theme parks, movie theaters, and even your favorite stores like Target, Best Buy, and Macy’s.

3. Insurance services and financial products

As you get older, protecting yourself and your assets becomes increasingly important. Take advantage of insurance services and financial products. Auto, home, and life insurance, as well as credit cards and loans. And investment services are all at your fingertips.

4. Exclusive member benefits and rewards

As a member, you’ll gain access to exclusive benefits and rewards. Such as free travel guides, maps, and trip-planning services. Plus, earn rewards points for every dollar spent on AAA purchases. It can be redeemed for discounts and travel perks.

5. Peace of mind

Feeling worried about your next trip? Not with AAA Classic Membership! You’ll have peace of mind knowing that you can travel with confidence. And access emergency assistance and resources to help you plan and save money.

6. Identity Theft Protection

As a senior, your personal information may be more vulnerable to theft. Keep your identity safe with identity theft protection services. This includes credit monitoring, fraud resolution assistance, and identity theft insurance.

7. DMV Services

As you age, you may have concerns about waiting in long lines at the DMV. Skip the long DMV lines and take advantage of DMV services. This includes vehicle registration, title transfers, and driver’s license renewals.

8. Travel Planning Services

Planning a trip can be overwhelming for seniors. But it becomes easier with travel planning services. Get personalized trip planning, discounted travel packages, and access to exclusive member-only vacation deals.

9. Discounts on AAA-Approved Auto Repair

Lastly, save on auto repairs at AAA-approved repair facilities and get free vehicle maintenance inspections. And discounts on battery and tire services. 

A Classic Membership might not give you the whole shebang as the fancy-pants memberships do. But it’s still got some serious perks that’ll make your life easier. Check it out:

  • The roadside assistance service is a lifesaver, literally. Cuz it’ll save you hundreds of bucks on towing and other expenses. 
  • And if you’re planning a vacay, the travel planning services and discounts will help you save some major money. 
  • Plus, Classic Memberships won’t break the bank. So you can still get some sweet benefits without going broke. 

You may have unique concerns and needs that come with aging. And an AAA Classic Membership is a magical membership that gives you tons of perks and benefits! You can count on them as you navigate the challenges of aging. 

Bottom line: If you’re a senior who doesn’t need all the extra bells and whistles of higher-tier memberships, an AAA Classic Membership can be a smart and practical choice that addresses your specific concerns and needs.

AAA Senior Discounts Depend on Your Location

AAA senior discounts depend entirely on the location you live. Some regions offer senior discounts while others do not. 

The regions listed below offered a senior discount at the time of writing. This policy is subject to change.

  • Southern Region (Florida, Georgia, and Puerto Rico)
  • AAA Alabama
  • AAA Michigan

How Much is the AAA Senior Discount?

The availability and amount of the AAA senior discount depends entirely on the region in which you live. Some regions offer a 10% senior discount while others offer a 0% discount. 

There are 43 different AAA regions and they change their senior discount policy somewhat frequently. The best way to know about the AAA senior discount in your region is to simply ask a customer service representative when you sign up for the program.

AAA Senior Discount Requirements

The requirements for the AAA senior discount depend on the region. It generally starts at either 55 years old or 60 years old. 

If you are that old and your region offers a senior discount, then show them your driver’s license to receive the senior discount. 

AAA Senior Defensive Driving Course

AAA does offer a defensive driving course for seniors. This course is free for drivers over the age of 55 and is 100% free. 

Some auto insurance providers offer a small discount on your monthly premium if you have completed this course.  

Does AAA Offer an AARP Discount?

AAA does not offer an AARP discount in any of their regions according to our research. Some of the locations do offer a senior discount, which is essentially the same thing with a slightly higher age requirement and no AARP membership required. 

Does AAA Give a Military Discount?

Some AAA regions offer a military discount while others do not. The military discount is usually the same as the senior discount at 10%. Of course, the exact amount varies depending on the location. 

The only requirement to qualify for the military discount is presenting a valid military ID when signing up for AAA. There’s no active duty requirement — retired military members still qualify for this discount assuming it is offered and they have proof of prior US military service.  

Does AAA Give a First Responder Discount?

The only AAA location that offered a first responder discount at the time of writing was the Southern California AAA region. This discount applies to all firefighters, police officers, paramedics, and nurses. 

It’s a 10% discount on the annual membership fee, which is the same as the senior discount and the military discount. 

AAA Membership Offers Other Ways to Save

AAA is more than just roadside assistance. Being an active AAA member gives so many different perks that it would be impossible to list all of them out. 

Restaurants, hotels, and stores all over the United States offer a discount to anyone that shows a valid AAA card. If you see a AAA logo near the cash register, then that business almost always offers a discount to AAA members that present their card to the cashier.

Hotel Discounts

One of the nicest perks with AAA is that many of the hotels you see alongside the interstate offer a discount to AAA members. These hotels range from Motel 6 to Days Inn to locally owned motels. 

The savings rate with AAA can be as high as 15%, which makes it the perfect card to have if you are doing a long road trip and expect to stay the night in an interstate hotel or motel.

Gas Savings with AAA

Shell has partnered with AAA to offer a 5 cent discount on gas for those enrolled in the Fuel Rewards program. This discount only applies to the first 20 gallons per day, so it’s $1 off per day on gas from Shell. 

It’s not a huge discount, but gas is something that you always buy if you have a car. It’s nice to save a little money on gas.

DMV Services in Some States

One amazing perk of AAA that few people know about is that AAA offices in some states can provide DMV services. This is for stuff like transfering a title or renewing a driver’s license. 

It’s much more convenient than waiting in line at the local DMV office. This service is typically only available to AAA members, but it does depend on the state. Some states offer this service while others do not. 

The best way to find out is to simply call your local AAA office and ask. The availability of this service can vary even within the same office. 

Ask for a AAA Discount

AAA membership comes with many benefits. It’s impractical to list all the businesses that offer a AAA discount. This is one thing where it’s often best to look or ask before purchase if a AAA discount is offered. 

Most lower cost hotels offer a AAA discount. LensCrafter also offers a discount on glasses to AAA members. NAPA offers a 10% discount to AAA members, Gap offers a 10% discount, and Penske offers a discount on truck rentals. 

You can think of all the other discounts you get with your AAA membership as a senior discount at businesses that do not normally offer a AAA discount. 

AAA Membership Options and Pricing

Did you know that there are actually three different types of AAA memberships? And each one comes with its own set of benefits and discounts? So which AAA membership is right for you?

The first type of membership is the Classic Membership. This membership includes 24/7 roadside assistance, as well as exclusive discounts at restaurants, hotels, and more. Plus, classic members also get 10% off at Kohl’s!

If you’re looking for even more savings, then the Plus Membership might be right for you. In addition to all the benefits of the Classic Membership,Plus Members also get 20% off at Kohl’s! Plus Members also get access to a wider range of discounts on travel and entertainment experiences.

Lastly, there’s the Premier Membership. The Premier Membership includes all the benefits of both the Classic and Plus Memberships – plus a few extra perks!

For example ,Premier Members get 30% off at Kohl’s! They also get special concierge services, as well as trip planning assistance from AAA Travel experts.

Final Thoughts

AAA does not usually offer a senior discount for membership, but it depends on the region. Some AAA regions do offer a discount. A AAA membership card can get you so many discounts at different businesses that it usually pays for itself just from that. 

It’s also quite useful to have if you do a lot of driving in an older car. It’s overall worth it to get AAA membership with or without a senior discount if you drive enough. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the least expensive AAA membership?

AAA has three types of memberships, with prices ranging from $59.99 to $119.99 annually. While there are many benefits, all AAA Memberships offer emergency roadside assistance and DMV/MVD service*. Trip planning by travel experts is also included. Members can get discounts at over 120,000 hotels, restaurants and movie theatres.

  • Does AARP give a discount on AAA?

AAA/CAA/AARP member offer AAA/CAA members and AARP members get up to 20% discount on our Best Available Rate.

  • Does Target give a discount for AARP members?

Exclusive deals for. Members of the AARP get exclusive deals Additional $10 Discount on Complete Eyewear Pairs – Member Offer combines with In Store Deals

  • What day does Kohls mark down clearance?

Kohl’s has items marked down or on sale on a daily base. However, Saturdays 2 and 4 are best for shopping to get the most markdowns. They mark down the best stuff to make the greatest savings.

  • Who qualifies for AARP?

Anyone over 50 can become full AARP member. Sign up now to get immediate access for discounts and products.

  • Do you lose Kohl’s cash when you exchange?

When I return an item, will Kohl’s reimburse my Kohl’s cash? Kohl’s will refund all Kohl’s cash you have used to return items you purchased with Kohls Cash. No worries if the Kohl’s cash is invalid.

  • Does Kohls give senior discount?

Customers 60 years and older receive a 15% discount in all our shops every Wednesday.

  • Does Target offer military discount?

You can make the purchase in-store, or online. However, you will need to have a document that proves your military status such as a veteran’s ID card. Target is committed to military communities because of its deep appreciation for the sacrifices and service they provide, according to a press release.

  • Is there something better than AARP?

Association of Mature American Citizens. The AMAC was founded a decade back and combines conservative politics with a robust benefits catalogue than any other group. This appeals to seniors who are politically active and want AARP discounts.

  • What is the conservative alternative to AARP?

AMAC membership is for those over 50. This group is called “the conservative alternative of the AARP”. This is just one of many organizations that claim to be conservative competitors to the AARP. Others include the American Seniors Association (ASA) and the 60 Plus Association.

  • Is there a free AARP membership?

Full membership is available to all people 50 years old and over. You will receive a secondary membership free of charge for you and your family, as well access to hundreds carefully selected discounts, programs, and services.

  • How do you get senior discount at Kohls online?

Every Wednesday, Kohl’s offers the Senior Discount. This offer cannot be used online and it is only offered in-store.

  • Does AARP support Medicare for All?

AARP is home to more than 35,000,000 members. It also operates a for profit subsidiary which markets Medicare supplemental and life insurance. Proposal Summary: AARP promotes universal healthcare coverage through strengthening and expanding current public programs.

  • Does Kohls have senior day?

Kohl’s Senior Day Discount Every Wednesday, we offer 15% off in-store. Customers 60 years and older are eligible for a special discount in-store For more information, please see the Store Associate. To receive a Senior Discount, you must bring your identification so that we can verify your age.

  • Can I return stuff from Amazon to Kohl’s?

All Kohl’s locations accept Amazon Returns (except Anchorage, Alaska). Return eligible Amazon. Save time and money by returning eligible products to Kohl’s stores There’s nothing more convenient than that! No matter the reason for your return, Amazon returns are free!


In conclusion, the least expensive AAA membership is the Kohl’s senior discount. This is a great way to save money on your annual membership fee. Take care of your health as you grow old and enjoy your golden years!

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