Where Does Publix Get Their Meat?

When it comes to meat, quality and sourcing play a vital role in the overall dining experience. Therefore, being familiar with the supply chain of your go-to grocery store is crucial. Publix has had a reputation for delivering top-notch meats that satisfy the discerning palates of customers, which is why many are wondering – Where does Publix get their meat from? 

Publix gets its meat from local farms in the Southeastern United States, including Florida, Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, and South Carolina. The meat is transported to a processing facility where it undergoes rigorous inspections and quality control measures. This step ensures that only the finest cuts make it to the shelves of your local Publix store.

Where Does Publix Get Their Meat?

To maintain the highest quality and freshness, Publix sources its meat from local farms that are within the regions the company operates in. That includes Florida, Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, and South Carolina. Forming close partnerships with reputable farmers ensures ethical practices, ultimate freshness, and minimal transportation distance to reach your plate. 

What Types of Meat Does Publix Sell?

People follow different culinary traditions, lifestyles, and health choices, and offering a variety of meats ensures everyone can find something suitable. Additionally, a varied meat selection fosters sustainable practices by promoting the use of less common or underutilized cuts, minimizing food waste. 

Here are all of the options Publix can offer you

  • Beef, 
  • Lamb,
  • Veal,
  • Pork,
  • Turkey,
  • Chicken,
  • Buffalo,
  • Smoked and cured meats,
  • Breakfast meats,
  • Frozen meat entrees.

The Supply Chain

To ensure the highest standards, Publix representatives personally visit the farms and ranches they form partnerships with, gaining insight into their practices. Additionally, the company collaborates with reputable national suppliers, subjecting them to a rigorous approval process that emphasizes animal welfare, food safety, and other factors vital to product quality. Regular audits further ensure that high expectations are consistently met. 

After sourcing the product from local farms, it embarks on a journey to a processing facility where meticulous inspections take place to ensure quality control. Only the highest-grade cuts successfully pass this process, guaranteeing that each and every piece is both flavorful and nutritious. Once this process is complete, the meat makes its way to your nearby Publix store, where it awaits your purchase. 

Quality Assurance

From selecting the right cuts to ensuring proper preparation techniques and storage, products available at Publix have consistently earned high grades from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). These grades provide valuable information to consumers and industry professionals, ensuring that they can make informed decisions when purchasing various products, particularly beef. 

The animals are fed a vegetarian diet and raised hormone-free and without antibiotics. Furthermore, they are given ample space to roam outdoors. Cattle are raised on a grass-fed diet, pigs are sustainably raised on family farms, and free-range chickens enjoy access to fresh air. Publix’s GreenWise selection of meats, in particular, exemplifies the highest standards in these aspects, reflecting the commitment to providing customers with top-quality products.

Here are some popular GreenWise choices, along with their USDA grades and prices:

ProductUSDA GradePrice per Pound
Chicken FiletsGrade A$9.15 / lbs
Chicken TenderloinsGrade A$9.15 / lbs
Springer Mountain Farms Boneless Chicken BreastGrade A$7.75 / lbs
Ground ChuckGrade A$6.63 / lbs
Beef Angus Top Sirloin Fillet Grade A$12.69 / lbs

The Future of Publix Meat

Keeping up with the trends in the meat industry, Publix is dedicated to continually expanding its range of sustainable meat and seafood choices, aiming to introduce more options each year. These efforts will contribute to positive changes in the industry and the environment, and the collaboration between industries, environmental groups, and retailers can drive meaningful impact. 

As part of this commitment, Publix actively engages its stakeholders, including suppliers, in this journey, fostering a collective effort to find innovative solutions that promote sustainability and responsible practices. By prioritizing sustainability and partnering with trusted suppliers, you can rest assured that you’re investing in the finest meats while supporting ethical practices in the industry. 


Understanding where Publix sources its meat sheds light on the dedication and care that goes into ensuring high-quality products are on the shelves. Customers can conveniently access this wide selection by visiting their local store or ordering online through their website. With the option of delivery or pickup, acquiring premium meats has never been easier. 

Once you start choosing, make sure to look for labels that indicate responsible sourcing. Remember to examine the color and texture of the meat – fresh cuts should be vibrant in color and firm to the touch. But no matter your final choice and whether you visit the store in person or order online, it’s good to know that you can confidently enjoy Publix’s delicious and responsibly-sourced meats to enhance your dining experience. 

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Where is Publix meat from?

Publix meat is from Florida. Florida is known for being the top supplier of beef, meat packets and other products. Publix buys meat there as well. Publix is more likely to offer the highest quality meat packages.

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Bealls Florida Credit Card earns Coast2Coast Reward Points and can be used at all Bealls Florida stores. Bealls Outlet Credit Card can be used nationwide on the One Card loyalty programme.

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