Does Walmart Offer a Military Discount?

Walmart does not currently offer a specific military discount for active duty service members, veterans, or their families in their stores or online. However, they do provide general discounts through programs like price matching and the Walmart credit card that can be utilized by military shoppers for potential savings.

While Walmart lacks an official military discount program, there are still ways for service members and their families to save money when shopping at Walmart. The retailer provides various general discounts through programs like price matching that military shoppers can utilize. Veterans and active duty personnel can also inquire at their local Walmart store about any unadvertised specials or discounts that may be offered.

What Stores Offer Military Discounts?

Though Walmart does not provide military discounts, many other major retail chains offer significant savings for service members. Here are some of the best military discounts available:

Home Depot and Lowes – Both home improvement chains offer 10% military discounts to active duty, reserve, retired military, and veterans. The discounts apply to in-store and online purchases.

Best Buy– Best Buy provides varied discounts that can range from 10-20% off purchases for qualified military members and veterans. The discounts are available in-store and online.

AutoZone– Active duty, reserve, retired military, and their dependents get 10% off at AutoZone. Just verify your military affiliation at checkout. 

Under Armour– Veterans, military, first responders, and their families get 20% off Under Armour apparel and footwear in-store or online after verifying eligibility. 

Foot Locker– Those with valid military ID get 10% off their purchases at Foot Locker and affiliated brands like Champs Sports and Footaction. The discount cannot be combined with other coupon offers.

Disney Parks– Active and retired military get discounted multi-day tickets and hotel stays at the Disney theme parks in Orlando, Anaheim, and abroad. Disney also offers discounted room rates for family of military members.

How to Get a Military Discount at Walmart?

As Walmart does not advertise specific military discounts, the best way to save money there is to ask if they offer any unpublicized deals for service members. It never hurts to verify your military status and kindly inquire about possible savings at checkout or with a store manager. 

Beyond asking, military shoppers can take advantage of Walmart’s commitment to “price matching” local competitors for identical items. This allows you to get Walmart’s everyday low prices matched to a retailer’s sale price. Price matching combined with Walmart’s already low prices can yield considerable savings.

The store also offers various general discounts through programs like a Walmart credit card that provides 5% off purchases. While not military-exclusive, these types of discounts can still add up for service members looking to save money across all their shopping.

What Types of Discounts are Available to Military Members?

Beyond standard purchase percentage discounts, military personnel have access to a wide range of savings:

  • Travel Discounts: Hotels, airlines, and resorts offer lowered rates for military members and veterans. This includes chains like Marriott, Hilton, and Walt Disney Resorts. 
  • Entertainment Discounts: Movie theaters, museums, zoos, concerts, and sports events often provide free or reduced admission for military ID holders. For example, AMC Theaters offers veterans up to 20% off tickets.
  • Restaurant Discounts: Restaurant chains like IHOP, Denny’s and TGI Friday’s offer discounts of 10-20% off meals for active duty and retired military members with valid ID cards. 
  • Cell Phone Plans: Wireless providers such as AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint have military-exclusive deals on phone plans, some of which include up to 25% discounts on unlimited data offerings.
  • Insurance Savings: USAA, Geico, and other insurers provide exclusive rates on auto, homeowners, renters, and life insurance policies for military personnel and their families.
  • Clothing Savings: Banana Republic, Old Navy, and Columbia Sportswear are just some of the clothing brands that offer military discounts in-store and online. The savings typically range from 10-20% off.

Does Walmart Have a Military Discount for Active Duty Military and Veterans?

Walmart currently does not offer any specific military and veteran discounts for active duty service members or retired military personnel. Despite lobbying campaigns from veterans groups, Walmart has declined to create dedicated military savings programs like those offered at many other major retailers. 

Without an advertised program, the only recourse for active duty military and veterans is to ask about unpublicized deals when shopping at Walmart. As discussed earlier, kindly inquiring about military savings with store management or customer service may yield some discount offers, but results will vary by location.

Veterans and military members can also utilize Walmart’s price matching, specialty credit cards, and general sales to get lower prices. But the lack of a standard nationwide military discount remains a noticeable omission compared to Walmart’s competitors.

What are the Best Military Discounts Available?

Here are some of the top military discounts and savings programs available:

  • USAA Membership – Provides access to exclusive insurance, banking, investment services with discounts up to 30%.
  • Military Star Card – Offers 10% discount on first day purchases and free shipping at exchange stores on bases.
  • Microsoft Office – Up to 60% discount on Office suite offered to enlisted personnel through its Home Use Program. 
  • Eastern Mountain Sports – 20% off outdoor gear and apparel for active duty, reserves, retired military, and family.
  • Cabela’s – Up to 20% off hunting, fishing, and outdoor equipment purchases.
  • Lowe’s and Home Depot – 10% off all purchases at each home improvement retailer.
  • Sesame Place & SeaWorld – Offer over 50% discounts on admission for military members and their families.
  • Penske Truck Rentals – 10-20% discounts on truck rentals and moving services.
  • MetroPCS – 25% discount on select cell phone plans for active duty military and veterans.

How Can Military Families Save Money on Shopping?

Military families trying to trim expenses on shopping and everyday purchases can take advantage of these savings tips:

  • Use military discount programs whenever possible – take military ID to stores.
  • Compare prices and shop sales wisely – use apps to find best deals. 
  • Buy generic brands and use coupons when available.
  • Purchase bulk items and warehouse stocks for the long term.
  • Live near base – on-base shops provide tax-free commissary access.
  • Share resources and exchange services with other military families. 
  • Use gas discounts and rewards programs from fuel brands.
  • Open a military credit card to make big purchases over time.
  • Access discounted travel and insurance exclusively for military families.
  • Use USAA, Navy Federal, or other military-friendly financial services.

What is the Role of the Government in Providing Military Discounts?

The government plays an indirect role in facilitating and encouraging military discounts:

  • The White House and DOD have lobbied retailers and services to provide voluntary military discounts. However, private companies are not mandated to offer them.
  • On-base commissary and exchange stores provide tax-free shopping – this is direct savings provided by the armed forces.
  • The government created veteran IDs and shoppette access to maintain discounts after active duty.
  • Discounted access to recreational sites, flights, and other services are supported by legislative initiatives around veteran benefits.
  • Lobbying by veteran service organizations (VSOs) also pressures companies and legislators to expand military savings programs.

While the government does not directly set or fund military discounts, it recognizes their value and uses its platform to influence private institutions into providing service members these benefits.

Conclusion: How Can Service Members Benefit from Military Discounts?

While Walmart may lag behind in offering formal military discounts, the many savings programs available throughout America provide immense value to service members and veterans. Taking advantage of military-exclusive travel deals, insurance rates, entertainment discounts, restaurant specials, and retail savings helps military families trim expenses and stretch budgets. 

With an entire community of businesses offering military discounts both online and in-store, there are ample opportunities for active duty personnel, veterans, and military families to benefit. Identifying participating retailers, being aware of the best military discounts, and proactively using service status for savings offers service members real financial relief. The simple act of asking “do you offer a military discount?” can unlock substantial discounts.

To maximize savings, military shoppers should always search for deals, ask about possible unadvertised specials, and compare prices using all available resources. This ensures America’s service members get the discounts they deserve in gratitude for their sacrifices and duties.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does Walgreens still have senior discount every Tuesday?

This change was created to encourage social distancing in the face of the coronavirus epidemic. Walgreens is now offering a lower price for seniors 55 and older, as well as members of AARP. Walgreens is offering a Seniors Day Discount on Tuesdays.

  • Does Walmart have a military discount?

Walmart doesn’t offer discounts for military personnel, but it does have some great deals. Find out how to shop and save on food, electronics and home goods.

  • Does McDonald’s give military discounts?

McDonalds Coupons This merchant currently does not offer a military discount.

  • Does Amazon offer senior discounts?

What is Amazon Prime’s senior discount? Amazon Prime senior members get $8 off per year You will pay only $6.99 per monthly instead of $14.99 per month

  • Are AARP discounts worth it?

It is worth signing up if you are impressed by the discounts and benefits offered by AARP.

  • Does Lowes have a senior discount?

There is no Lowe’s Senior Discount, Student Discount, or AARP discount. Lowe’s does offer a 10% discount for military personnel, a bulk discount and a volume discount for purchases above $1,500.

  • What day of the week is senior day at Bealls Outlet?

You must be at least 50 to receive 15% off every Tuesday purchase from Bealls Outlet

  • What age is the senior citizen discount at Kroger?

Kroger customers over the age of 60 have enjoyed savings on Kroger corporate brands products ever since Kroger introduced its senior citizen discount program back in 2000.

  • Does Best Buy have military discount?

Although Best Buy does not offer military discounts, there are many other brands that do. These include Apple, Verizon and Home Depot.

  • Is AARP worth having?

Many companies offer senior citizens discounts and promotional offers that can provide great advantages. The AARP is a group for older adults who want to feel connected and receive benefits. An annual membership is available that gives seniors access to discounts and other offers.

  • Will Home Depot take Lowes coupons?

Home Depot prices match those of competitors, including the savings you would make from coupon codes. Home Depot will not honor coupons from competitors, but you can still use Lowe coupons to reduce the cost of your purchase at Home Depot.

  • Does Netflix have military discount?

Netflix does not offer military discounts. You can still get a Netflix trial code for free, available to first-time customers, and which gives you a month free of Netflix.

  • Are you a senior citizen at 60?

The United States considers a senior citizen anyone who is over the age of 62 years old.

  • What day is Senior Day at Publix supermarket?

Publix. Select locations in Alabama, Georgia and North Carolina offer a 10% discount for seniors 60 years of age or older.

  • Does Sam’s Club have military discount?

Overview of the Military Offer: All military members who renew or join their Sam’s Club in-club membership will be eligible to receive $10 off your first $10 purchase within 60 days. The offer applies to active, retired, veteran, spouses, as well as their dependents. This membership covers active military personnel.

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