Does Walmart Still Let You Scan Receipts?

As of 2023, Walmart no longer allows customers to scan receipts for the purpose of price matching due to the discontinuation of the Savings Catcher app. However, Walmart+ members can still scan items while shopping using the “Scan and Go” feature available on the Walmart app. Receipts can also be scanned when leaving the store if there is a need to verify purchases, but this is not a requirement for price matching or cashback.

Does Walmart Still Offer Scanning of Receipts?

As of 2023, Walmart no longer offers the scanning of receipts for price matching purposes. The retail giant previously had a feature known as the Savings Catcher in their Walmart app, which allowed customers to scan their receipts. The app would then compare the prices of the purchased items with those of local competitors. If a lower price was found, Walmart would refund the difference to the customer on a Walmart eGift card.

However, in 2018, Walmart announced the discontinuation of the Savings Catcher feature, stating that they had successfully achieved their goal of ensuring their prices were the lowest available, thus rendering the tool unnecessary.

Despite the discontinuation of the Savings Catcher, Walmart does offer a Scan & Go feature for Walmart+ members. This feature allows customers to scan items as they shop using the Walmart app. Once customers are done shopping, they can pay for their items directly through the app and skip the checkout line. However, this feature does not include price matching or scanning of receipts for previously made purchases.

What Replaced the Walmart Savings Catcher?

The Walmart Savings Catcher was a price matching tool that allowed customers to scan their Walmart receipts to receive cash back for any price differences with other stores. However, in 2019, Walmart discontinued the Savings Catcher program stating that it had already achieved its purpose of providing the lowest prices.

In place of the Savings Catcher, Walmart introduced a new feature within its mobile app called Walmart Pay. This feature allows customers to pay for their purchases using their smartphones, thereby creating an eReceipt at the checkout. While it does not offer the price matching feature of the Savings Catcher, Walmart Pay offers convenience and a contactless payment option for customers.

Additionally, Walmart also introduced the “Scan & Go” feature for Walmart+ members. This feature allows customers to scan items while shopping using the Walmart app, and then pay and checkout using the app, thus avoiding the need to wait in line at the checkout counter.

While these new features do not offer the same price matching benefits of the Savings Catcher, they do provide other advantages in terms of convenience and speed of checkout.

What Are Other Ways to Save Money at Walmart Without Receipt Scanning?

At Walmart, there are several strategies to save money beyond receipt scanning. Here are some of the most effective methods:

  1. Price Matching: Walmart’s price matching policy allows customers to request the same price for an identical product sold by any online retailer. This can result in significant savings, especially on high-ticket items.
  2. Walmart+ Membership: This subscription service offers benefits such as free shipping with no minimum order, discounts on fuel at Walmart and Murphy gas stations, and access to the “Scan & Go” feature in the Walmart app, which allows for contactless checkout.
  3. Use of Cash Back Apps: Apps like Rakuten, Honey, and Fetch offer cash back on eligible Walmart purchases. Rakuten offers 1-6% cash back on qualifying purchases, Honey provides notifications about the best deals at Walmart, and Fetch offers cash back for scanning Walmart receipts.
  4. Capital One Reward Card: Also known as a cashback credit card, this card offers 5% cash back on every Walmart purchase.
  5. Walmart eBooks Program: This program offers discounts on eBooks, which can result in significant savings for avid readers.
  6. Walmart Grocery Coupons: Walmart offers digital coupons that can be used for online grocery orders, resulting in direct savings on your bill.
  7. Rollbacks and Clearance: Walmart often reduces prices on items for a certain period (known as Rollbacks), and also offers clearance sales on items nearing the end of their shelf life or season.
  8. Buying in Bulk: Walmart offers discounts on bulk purchases of certain items, which can result in significant savings over time, especially for larger families or those hosting events.
  9. Free In-Store Pickup: By choosing to pick up online orders in-store, customers can save on shipping costs.
  10. Use of Generic Brands: Walmart’s generic brands, such as Great Value and Equate, offer products of comparable quality to name brands at a fraction of the cost.

These strategies can help customers save money at Walmart without the need for receipt scanning.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Can I scan my receipt from Walmart?

Yes, Walmart offers the ability to scan your receipt. Customers can use the Walmart app to scan their receipt after a purchase, which will then be stored in their account. This allows customers to easily access their receipts for returns and other transactions.

What is the Walmart app where you scan receipts and get money back?

The Walmart app is a free mobile application that allows customers to scan their receipts and get money back. The app is available for both iOS and Android devices and can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Play. Customers can use the app to get cash back on selected items from participating Walmart stores.

Why does Walmart scan receipts?

Walmart scans receipts in order to improve customer service and the shopping experience. The scanned receipts allow Walmart to track customer purchases and provide targeted promotions and discounts. Additionally, the scanned receipts help Walmart to identify and prevent fraudulent returns and other criminal activities.

Why do I have 2 taxes on my Walmart receipt?

When shopping at Walmart, customers may notice two taxes on their receipts. This is because Walmart is subject to both state and local taxes, which are both included on the receipt. The amount of taxes charged depends on the state and local laws of the area in which the store is located.

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