What Is Difference Between Comcast and Xfinity?

Comcast is a large telecommunication company based in the United States that provides Internet, phone, and cable television services to both residential and commercial customers.

Xfinity is a brand that caters to the telecommunication needs of residential customers. They provide various consumer-oriented services, mainly focused on telecommunications and entertainment services.

The main difference between Comcast and Xfinity is that Comcast is the parent company, while Xfinity is a brand under Comcast. Comcast Corporation is a global media and technology conglomerate that offers various services, including broadband, cable networks, and theme parks. Xfinity, on the other hand, is Comcast’s residential service brand for cable TV, internet, telephone, and wireless services.

What is the difference between Comcast and Xfinity?

Comcast Corporation is a massive company that owns and operates several businesses, ranging from film studios to theme parks, media properties, and more. 

On the other hand, Xfinity services are primarily focused on consumer telecommunications, including Internet, phone, and cable TV services. The company doesn’t operate in as many sectors as Comcast. 

Is Comcast and Xfinity the same company?

Both are related entities. Comcast is the parent company. Xfinity is a part of the parent company. Simply put, Xfinity is the brand name used by Comcast to provide cable, Internet, and TV services to residential customers. 

What Services does Comcast provide?

Comcast operates under different platforms within the Comcast Corporation entity. So, the company provides various services across different sectors. Let’s explore their major services:

Cable TV Services

Marketed as ‘Xfinity TV,’ Comcast offers a wide range of TV channel packages, including national, local, and premium channels. Comcast also provides pay-per-view events through its cable TV services.

Internet Services

Comcast offers fast and reliable Internet services to business and residential consumers. From basic plans to bundling options, there are many different plans to meet varying customer needs.

Phone Services

As a part of its offerings, Comcast provides residential customers with a landline phone connection bundled with cable TV and Internet services. The landline connection usually comes with an unlimited calling option.

Business Services

To meet the telecommunication needs of both small and large enterprises, Comcast offers various customized plans to support the operational needs of businesses, allowing them to operate better than before.

Streaming Services

Peacock is a streaming service of Comcast that provides a variety of different content for consumers to stream on-demand. From popular shows, movies, music events, etc., Comcast has a huge content library.

Home Security

Comcast provides consumers with various home security solutions through its ‘Xfinity Home’ platform, such as sensors, smart door locks, video surveillance, mobile app control, remote monitoring, etc.

What are the Comcast and Xfinity Packages?

Comcast and Xfinity packages enable customers to enjoy discounted rates on Cable TV, Internet, and home phone services. Through different offerings, the companies provide a packaged deal, eliminating the need to pay for individual services separately. Here are a few Comcast packages available under the Xfinity brand.

What are the different Xfinity packages?

Double Play Packages:

As the name suggests, two services, such as cable TV and high-speed Internet, are bundled up in this package.

Triple Play Packages

Triple Play packages from Xfinity combine three different services: cable TV, home phone, and high-speed Internet.

Streaming Packages

Peacock is the company’s streaming platform, offering various packages to watch original shows, sports events, NBC shows, documentaries, etc.

Premium Channel Packages

Besides the regular channels, Xfinity’s premium packages provide access to high-quality channels, such as HBO, Cinemax, Epix, and more.

Device Upgrade Packages

A device upgrade package is provided to enhance the customer’s entertainment experience. Devices like cable boxes, routers, modems, etc. are provided.

Home Security Packages

Xfinity’s home security packages are designed to improve home security through a wide range of security features and advanced levels of protection, such as burglary detection, emergency alerts, remote access, video surveillance, and so on.

What are the Comcast TV packages for seniors?

Comcast provides certain packages that cater to the different preferences of senior demographics.

Basic Cable TV Package

Priced low, this package includes essential news, sports, and entertainment channels. 

Standalone Channel Package

Someone looking for more than a basic package can opt for a standalone package that provides more channel selection flexibility.

Customized Package

A subscriber can also opt for a customized package to include channels based on personal preference.

News and Lifestyle Channel Package

This package may appeal to seniors who are into news, educational, and lifestyle-related content.

On-Demand Content Packages

Seniors can also consider an On-Demand subscription package to watch TV shows, movies, documentaries, etc., without being tied to a broadcast schedule.

What is the cheapest Comcast Package?

The Internet-only and the basic cable TV packages are the cheapest Comcast packages. Both these packages are priced around $20 per month.

What is the cheapest Xfinity package?

Xfinity offers a basic Internet package called the ‘Xfinity Internet Essential Plan,’ priced only at $9.95.

Do Comcast and Xfinity offer Senior Discounts?

As expected, senior discounts are provided to make the packages more affordable to seniors. Depending on the specific promotional offer, there can be some eligibility criteria to enjoy discounted prices.

Does Comcast offer a Senior Discount? 

Depending on the ongoing promotional offer, Comcast may offer seniors 10% off on some of their monthly subscription packages.

Does Xfinity offer senior discounts?

Xfinity doesn’t offer discounts to seniors based on age alone. However, the company provides packages that may be beneficial for senior citizens.

What age is the senior discount for Comcast?

Senior discounts are usually provided to individuals who are 65 or above. However, the age criteria can change depending on the running offer.

What are the Comcast and Xfinity Plans for Seniors?

Comcast and Xfinity don’t have dedicated plans for seniors. However, seniors may find good value in many Comcast and Xfinity plans because of how the packages are structured compared to the standard plans available elsewhere.

What are the Xfinity TV Packages for Seniors? 

Here are a few of the TV packages made available by Xfinity. Although they are not exclusively designed for senior citizens, seniors can choose a package that aligns well with their preferences.

Choice TV: Under this TV package, 10+ channels are provided for $20 a month. 

Popular TV: For Popular TV subscribers, 125+ channels are provided for $50 a month.

Ultimate TV: Under this TV package, 185+ channels are provided for $68.50 a month.

Xfinity Latino TV: 50+ channels are provided in this plan. The package cost can vary based on location, though.

Package NameNumber of ChannelsMonthly Cost
Choice TV10+$20
Popular TV125+$50
Ultimate TV185+$68.50
Xfinity Latino TV50+Varies

What are the Comcast cable packages for seniors?

Here are some of the Comcast cable packages that seniors can consider.

Xfinity Select TV

This service is ideal for seniors. At only $30 per month, seniors can choose from a range of 10 different networks.

Xfinity X1 

For sports and music enthusiast seniors, the Xfinity X1 plan is perfect. The package provides improved cable TV experience through voice remote control, On-Demand content, etc. 

Comcast Cable Ultimate Television 

For seniors who enjoy watching a lot of cable TV, Comcast Cable Ultimate Television should be a no-brainer choice as it comes with 185+ channels.

Xfinity Triple Play

The Xfinity Triple Play is a bundled package with all the home essential services, such as cable TV, Internet, and phone. By combining all the services, the package becomes more affordable.

Flex Xfinity 

This package includes free Internet service to watch your favorite movies and TV shows. The service is often offered at low prices, making it suitable for seniors.

Optimum’s Core TV Plan 

With a wide selection of over 220 channels, this plan is ideal for seniors who want to watch cable TV to their heart’s content.

Package NameDescriptionPrice Per MonthIncluded Channels/Services
Xfinity Select TVIdeal for seniors, offers 10 different networks$3010 networks
Xfinity X1Perfect for sports and music enthusiasts, enhanced TV experienceNot specifiedVoice remote, On-Demand content, etc.
Comcast Cable Ultimate TVGreat for seniors who enjoy extensive cable TV, 185+ channelsNot specified185+ channels
Xfinity Triple PlayBundled package with cable TV, Internet, and phone servicesNot specifiedCable TV, Internet, Phone services bundled
Flex XfinityIncludes free Internet service for watching movies and TV showsLow pricesFree Internet for streaming
Optimum’s Core TV PlanWide selection of over 220 channels, perfect for heavy TV watchersNot specifiedOver 220 channels

The Xfinity X1 and Xfinity Triple Play packages are available in different tiers. The higher-tier packages come with more channels.           

Does Xfinity have a senior plan?

Xfinity doesn’t have a specific senior plan, but the company offers different packages to cater to diverse customer needs, including seniors. 

Does Comcast have a senior package? 

Like Xfinity, Comcast doesn’t offer specialized senior packages. However, the company has packages designed for all age groups. 

How can Seniors Lower their Cable Bill with Comcast and Xfinity? 

By exploring various strategies, seniors can lower their cable bills with Comcast and Xfinity. Let’s discuss a few of these strategies. 

How can seniors lower their Comcast bill?

Look for Senior Deals

Comcast occasionally offers special deals to seniors. You can check for senior discounts at the time of package inquiry. 

Review Existing Plan

If you are not using any service or feature in the existing plan, you can downgrade to a lower-priced plan. 

Contact Customer Support 

It also helps to get in touch with Comcast’s customer support team to negotiate a better deal. 

Consider Bundled Packages 

When using multiple services from Comcast, bundle them together to save money instead of paying for individual services.

Inspect your Bill 

Often, hidden costs can go unnoticed. So, inspect your bill to address this issue. 

How can seniors lower their Xfinity bill?

Consider paperless billing 

Enroll for automatic payments and paperless billing, which will bring down the cost of your Xfinity bill to a certain extent.

Get contract plans 

Xfinity provides good deals to customers who commit to a contract plan.

Add other services

If you take multiple services from Xfinity, you will get a better deal from the company.

Review equipment rentals

Review your monthly bill for recurring equipment charges. Consider purchasing your own cable boxes, modems, etc., to avoid these charges.

Call often

Sometimes, you might be able to take advantage of a temporary promotional offer by giving the company a quick call.

Does Comcast have any deals for seniors? 

Comcast hardly offers specific senior deals. However, the company provides promotional offers now and then that can benefit seniors.

Does Xfinity have any specials for seniors?

Xfinity does not have dedicated special offers for seniors. However, seniors can explore the strategies shared earlier for lower rates.

What are the Comcast and Xfinity Internet Options for Seniors?

Comcast and Xfinity have a full range of Internet plans to help senior citizens get the most out of their Internet needs. Let’s look at the Internet plans offered by Comcast and Xfinity that can be useful for seniors.

What are the Xfinity Internet plans for seniors?

Xfinity Internet Essential Plan

Priced at only $9.95 per month, this Internet plan suits seniors looking for a no-frills plan. No long-term contract is required, and the plan comes with free Internet training.

Xfinity Internet Essential Plus Plan

Seniors can consider the Xfinity Internet Essential Plus Plan at $29.95 per month to get more Internet features and benefits. The package includes 100/200 Mbps net service, and no activation or equipment fees are involved.

200 Mbps Internet Plan

This $35 per month plan is great for older adults who use a lot of Internet services. It’s perfect for video chatting with grandchildren, streaming TV, using multiple devices at the same time, and so on.

75 Mbps Internet Plan

Senior citizens wanting to spend less than $35 per month on Internet services can consider the 75 Mbps plan at $19.95. This basic plan will let them use the Internet for most basic tasks. The plan can also accommodate up to 4 devices at the same time.

Sure, here’s a Markdown table based on the information you provided:

Plan NameMonthly PricePlan Details
Xfinity Internet Essential Plan$9.95– No-frills plan tailored for seniors
– No long-term contract required
– Includes free Internet training
Xfinity Internet Essential Plus Plan$29.95– 100/200 Mbps net service
– Includes free Internet training
– No activation or equipment fees
200 Mbps Internet Plan$35– Suitable for video chatting, streaming TV,
75 Mbps Internet Plan$19.95– Basic plan for most basic tasks
– Can accommodate up to 4 devices simultaneously

What are the Comcast Internet plans for seniors?

Performance Starter 

This basic plan offers moderate speed. Hence, it’s suitable for light Internet use. 


Slightly faster, it’s not only suitable for general Internet uses but also for online gaming and streaming. 


The Blast Internet plan is ideal for seniors looking for high Internet speed.

Extreme Pro

This plan is for heavy Internet users. It will let seniors not only use the Internet seamlessly but also download large files quickly.

Gigabit and Gigabit Pro 

These two premium plans offer incredible Internet speed, delivered via a dedicated fiber-optic connection. 

Plan NameDescriptionSuitability
Performance StarterBasic plan with moderate speed. Suitable for light Internet use.Light Internet use
PerformanceSlightly faster plan for general Internet use, online gaming, and streaming.General Internet use, gaming, streaming
BlastIdeal for seniors looking for high Internet speed.High-speed needs
Extreme ProFor heavy Internet users, seamless usage, and quick large file downloads.Heavy Internet use, large file downloads
GigabitPremium plan with incredible speed via dedicated fiber-optic connection.Ultra-high-speed Internet
Gigabit ProPremium plan with dedicated fiber-optic connection, delivering the highest Internet speeds.Ultra-high-speed Internet, top-tier performance

Does Xfinity offer Internet for Seniors?

Xfinity offers Internet plans for people of all ages, including senior citizens.

Does Comcast offer Internet for Seniors?

Like Xfinity, they do not have exclusive Internet plans for seniors. However, they provide affordable Internet solutions to low-income households, including seniors. 

What are the Comcast and Xfinity TV options for Seniors?

Comcast and Xfinity offer a variety of TV options suitable for seniors. Let’s explore them. 

What are the Xfinity TV plans for seniors? 

Besides the various TV plans discussed earlier, seniors can consider a comprehensive package called ‘Xfinity Flex’ for the best overall streaming experience. Intended to be used on a TV, the package provides access to popular streaming apps and services, such as Netflix, Amazon, YouTube, and more. 

The plan also gives immediate access to 10000+ free movies and TV shows. Furthermore, you can even rent or buy a movie or TV show. Other perks include ease of use and voice remote, which can be highly beneficial for senior citizens. 

What are the Comcast TV plans for seniors?

If the cable TV plans (discussed earlier) offered by Comcast don’t suit your budget, you can consider Internet streaming services as an alternative to conventional TV plans.

Comcast’s Internet Essentials plan is focused on providing low-cost Internet access to low-income households. It does not include TV plans, but you will gain access to a variety of online content at a significantly reduced price than TV plans.

There are certain requirements for the Internet Essential plan, though. If you meet the requirements, you will have to pay only $9.95 for Internet services. 

Does Xfinity offer Free TV for seniors? 

Xfinity does not offer TV for seniors. However, some of their services may include free TV content.

Does Comcast offer Free TV for seniors? 

Like Xfinity, Comcast doesn’t offer free TV for seniors.   

Does Comcast and Xfinity offer Discounts for Veterans and Disabled? 

Fortunately, Comcast and Xfinity have many programs to make their services more affordable for veterans and people with disabilities. Besides running a few discounted programs, they have collaborated with various nonprofit organizations to help eligible individuals.

Does Comcast offer a military discount? 

Comcast offers military discounts of up to 25% to active-duty military staff, veterans, and even their families.

Does Xfinity offer a military discount? 

Xfinity offers a military discount on their packages through various military discount programs. 

Does Comcast offer discounts for the disabled? 

Comcast runs various discount programs for disabled individuals, such as Internet Essentials for people with disabilities, Special Needs Programs, and Community Partner Programs. 

Does Xfinity offer discounts for the disabled?

Xfinity provides a $10 internet plan to low-income and disabled individuals.


More than 50% of older adults have access to high-speed telecommunication services at home. By offering good deals and services, both Comcast and Xfinity have successfully catered to the needs of seniors.

Their cost-effective packages are ideal for low-income seniors who like to keep up with their telecommunication and entertainment needs without spending a fortune on them.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is difference between Comcast and Xfinity?

As you can see, Comcast and Xfinity are two different companies. Xfinity provides internet and TV services to consumers. Comcast owns Xfinity as well as other brands like NBCUniversal.

  • How do I get free Xfinity WiFi?

You can find an Xfinity WiFi hotspot by visiting http://www. xfinity. xfinity.com/wifi or the Xfinity WiFi App for iOS and Android.

  • What is included in basic cable Comcast?

The Limited Basic Package offers a variety of basic channels. They include local broadcast stations such as ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX. These channels are local government channels.

  • What is the cheapest Comcast package?

Here are the cheapest Xfinity Cable Packages by Region: West: The Popular TV package ($49.99/month, 125+ channels). Central: Choice TV ($20.00/mo.) Northeast: Limited Basic ($20.00/mo.) 10+ channels

  • What age is senior discount for Comcast?

60+ is the age limit for Xfinity Senior Discounts. After proving your eligibility, you will be able to enjoy the low-cost benefits of home internet service. Additional perks include Wi-Fi training and Wi-Fi modules if you are Xfinity’s first internet user.

  • Does Comcast have a loyalty program?

Xfinity Rewards, a program exclusively for Xfinity customers, is our way to say thank you. Members of Rewards receive a unique mix of perks, experiences and product benefits. You get more rewards the longer you stay with Xfinity. It’s also free and simple to use.

  • Does Comcast offer government discounts?

Yes. Xfinity has discounts for its internet, mobile phone plans, cable TV and home security services, as well as special-time deals that can be used by everyone. These offers may change based upon your geographic location.

  • What is the cost of internet only from Comcast?

Xfinity has internet-only packages starting at $19.99/month for 50 Mbps speeds and $299.95/month for 3,000 Mbps download speed.

  • Does Comcast offer discount for disabled?

Comcast offers a $10 internet plan to everyone, including those with low incomes and the disabled.

  • Does Comcast have a hardship program?

ACP was created to assist lower income households in connecting to the Internet. For the entire program, eligible broadband customers can receive credit of up to $30 per month (or $75/month for Tribal lands residents) towards mobile and Internet services.

  • How can I lower my Comcast 2022 bill?

Comcast is one of the easiest ways to cut costs. Make sure that you are on the latest Xfinity package. Comcast offers new packages with different prices and features every few months. Long-term customers are not eligible for an upgrade if a newer plan becomes available.

  • Does Comcast have a veterans discount?

Xfinity offers a $100 prepaid visa and a $25 Xfinity coupon to military personnel. Xfinity provides a discount of up to 25% for veterans and active-duty military personnel as a way of saying thank you. Customers can get a $25 Xfinity coupon to use on their next bill.

  • Does Comcast have deals for existing customers?

Most of Xfinity’s offers are only available to new subscribers. However, existing customers may be able to take advantage of these deals by upgrading their services. To find out if Xfinity is willing to upgrade your service or apply a deal, contact customer service.

  • Does Xfinity give senior or military discounts?

Comcast values military service. We are grateful for your military service and offer a $25 Xfinity Coupon to veterans or current members. This coupon can be applied towards your next Xfinity on Demand purchase, rental, or credit.

  • Will Xfinity lower my bill if I threaten to cancel?

You will be able to get a better deal if you threaten to cancel. Just say, “I would like to cancel my services please.” You will almost always be transferred to “retention specialists”, whose job is to change you mind.

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