How big of a Honey Baked Ham do I need?

As we age, many of us begin to think about our mortality. One of the things that can help us feel better about the inevitable is making sure our affairs are in order. This includes everything from writing a will to ensuring we have enough life insurance. Another thing to consider as we age is how big of a Honey Baked Ham do we need?

For those unfamiliar with the deliciousness that is a Honey Baked Ham, they are fully cooked hams glazed with a sweet and savory sauce. They can be purchased whole or by the slice at most major grocery stores. A whole ham typically serves 10-14 people, making it the perfect size for many events and holidays.

When it comes to deciding how big of a ham you need, there are several factors to consider such as how many people you’re feeding and what else you’ll be serving alongside the main dish . If you’re having a large gathering where there will be other food options available , then you might not need such a large ham . However , if it’s just your immediate family gathered around the table for Easter dinner , then go ahead and get yourself a nice sized ham! And don’t forget – honey baked hams come with a senior discount !

How to Determine the Size of Honey Baked Ham You Need

When it comes to holiday meals, few dishes are as classic or popular as honey baked ham. But with so many different sizes and variations available, how do you know which one is right for your needs? Here’s a quick guide to help you select the perfect ham for your gathering:

The first step is to decide how many people you’ll be feeding. A good rule of thumb is to allow 1/2 pound per person. So, if you’re expecting 10 guests, you’ll need a 5-pound ham. Keep in mind that leftovers are always welcome, so it’s better to err on the side of too much rather than too little!

Once you’ve determined the size of ham you need, the next step is deciding what type of cut you want. The two most common types of honey baked hams are shank and butt end. Shank hams are leaner and have less fat marbling throughout, while butt end hams tend to be more moist and flavorful. If you can’t decide which one to get, ask your butcher for their recommendation based on your specific needs.

Finally, don’t forget about extras like HoneyBaked Ham coupons or senior discounts! Many grocery stores offer great deals on honey baked hams around holidays – so be sure to take advantage of them! With a little planning ahead, selecting the perfect honey baked ham will be a breeze!

Sam’s Club vs Costco: Which Has the Better Price on Honey Baked Hams?

When it comes to holiday ham, there are two big names in the game: Sam’s Club and Costco. But which one has the better price on honey baked hams?

To find out, we did a little price comparison shopping. We found that a half-ham from Sam’s Club costs $44.98, while a similar size ham from Costco costs $54.99. That means Sam’s Club is about 20% cheaper than Costco for this particular item.

So if you’re looking to save money on your holiday ham this year, head to Sam’s Club instead of Costco!

Aldi’s: Is Their Holiday Ham as Good as the More Expensive Brands?

As we age, our bodies change and so do our tastebuds. That said, sometimes it can be hard to find foods that satisfy our new cravings while also staying within a budget. This is especially true during the holidays when good food seems to come at a premium. One dish that often becomes more expensive as we get older is honey baked ham. While a delicious treat, the price tag on honey baked hams can often be prohibitive for seniors living on a fixed income. Thankfully, there are some great alternatives out there like Aldi’s holiday ham. But is it really as good as the more expensive brands? Let’s take a closer look.

To start with, let’s compare the ingredients list between two popular brands of pre-sliced honey baked ham – HoneyBaked Ham Company and Smithfield spiral sliced half ham . Both use similar ingredients including pork , water , sugar , salt , natural flavors . The only real difference in ingredient quality comes down to Smithfield using “smoke flavor” while HoneyBaked does not disclose what type of smoke they use (liquid smoke most likely). So far, it looks like these two hams are very similar in terms of quality – but what about price?

Here again we see some similarities between the two companies . A five poundSmithfield ham costs around $30 while an eight poundHoneyBaked ham will set you back approximately $60-70 depending on where you live . When comparing prices per unit however, things begin to look quite different ; with Smithfield charging roughly $6 per poundand HoneyBaked nearly doubling that at almost $9 perpound ! In

Whole Foods: WhyTheir Prices forHoney Baked Hams Are Higher Than Other Stores

As we age, our taste buds change and we start to appreciate different flavors. This is one of the reasons why many seniors enjoy honey baked ham. The sweetness of the honey complements the savory flavor of the ham, making it a perfect dish for entertaining or enjoying a quiet meal at home.

While honey baked ham is a delicious treat, it can be expensive. Fortunately, there are a few ways to get discounts on this tasty food item. One option is to look for stores that offer senior discounts. For example, Whole Foods offers 10% off to customers who are 60 years old or older. Other grocery stores may have similar programs, so it’s worth checking with your local supermarket before you make your purchase.

Another way to reduce the cost of honey baked ham is to buy it in bulk from a wholesale club like Costco or Sam’s Club . You’ll pay more upfront but save money in the long run by getting multiple hams at a discounted price . Just be sure to have enough freezer space to store all those hams!

Kroger’s : Does This Grocery Store Have a Cheap Alternative to HoneyBakedHam?

Kroger is a grocery store chain that offers a variety of items at discount prices. One of the things that Kroger is known for is its cheap alternative to HoneyBakedHam. This particular ham product is very popular during the holidays, but it can be expensive. Fortunately, Kroger has a cheaper option that can save you money.

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The Kroger brand honey baked ham comes in both whole and half sizes. The price for a whole ham ranges from $10-$12, while the price for a half ham ranges from $6-$7. That’s significantly cheaper than what you would pay for a comparable size HoneyBakedHam at full price. Plus, Kroger regularly runs sales on their hams, so you can often find an even better deal if you plan ahead and watch for sale ads.

So if you’re looking for a cheap alternative to HoneyBakedHam this holiday season, be sure to check out the selection at your local Kroger store!

. Lidl: A Budget-Friendly Option When Buying a Honey Baked Ham

When it comes to buying a honey baked ham, budget-friendly shoppers will want to check out Lidl. This German grocery chain offers a Senior Citizens Discount Card that gives seniors aged 60 and over a discount of 3% on all purchases. Plus, Lidl frequently runs specials on hams during the holiday season, so keep an eye out for those deals as well!

. The Best Way to Cook a HoneyBakedHam

“The Best Way to Cook a HoneyBakedHam” is an excerpt from the book The Gourmet Cookbook by

Cooking a HoneyBaked Ham is easy and convenient with the precooked spiral-sliced ham option. All you need to do is heat it up in the oven according to the package directions. You can also use our glaze packets for added flavor.”Precooked, all natural hams are fully cooked and ready-to-serve”, says Executive Chef Lars Liebisch of Virginia Beach, “so all you need to do is add your favorite sides and enjoy a delicious holiday meal without any stress.”

If you’re looking for something different this year, try our new line of entrees featuring fruits such as pears, apples or cranberries paired with savory seasonings like sage or thyme. Our sweet and savory Apple Cider Pork Tenderloin makes an impressive main dish that’s sure to delight your guests.”

Frequently Asked Question

  1. How big of a ham do I need for 20 adults?

  2. What is the recommended amount of ham for each person? For ham, the best guideline is 1/2 pound for each person when you pick a bone-in (it’s more heavy) and 1/3 pound if you choose a boneless ham.

  3. How long should a Honey Baked Ham sit out before serving?

  4. Before serving, let your honey-smoked ham thawed at room temperature for about 30 minutes. You can eat your ham right out of the fridge, but it should be allowed to cool down before you serve it. This is how Honey Baked Ham should be consumed for maximum flavor.

  5. What happens if you eat expired ham?

  6. Bad ham, like other spoiled meats, is an ideal environment for bacteria growth. You will experience mild-to-severe food poisoning symptoms following eating. These symptoms include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and sometimes fever.

  7. How long can a HoneyBaked Ham stay in refrigerator?

  8. We recommend that Turkey or Ham be taken out of the refrigerator for at least 30 minutes before serving. Honey Baked Ham and Honey Baked Turkey Breast may be kept refrigerated up to seven days.

  9. How big of a Honey Baked Ham do I need?

  10. The number of people a whole Ham will feed depends on whether you are serving it as a dinner buffet or as a main course. For dinner, a 13-pound whole-ham will make 22-24 servings. A 16-pound ham makes a great dinner for between 28-30 people.

  11. Can you freeze a Honey Baked Ham?

  12. If you still have leftover ham from cooking, freeze it. You can freeze leftover cooked Ham by placing it in a freezer bag.

  13. What is the price per pound of honey baked ham?

  14. Honey Baked Ham’s average cost per pound is $6.52

  15. Are Kirkland spiral hams good?

  16. Costco ham is far superior to other types of hams that I’ve tried. The ham is not too fatty and it tastes great. It is also very affordable. It is not one of the most nutritious items you can serve. This product is a great choice for holidays and special occasions.

  17. How far in advance should I buy a HoneyBaked Ham?

  18. Orders can be placed up to twenty days in advance. We cannot accept same-day orders.

  19. How far in advance can you buy a ham?

  20. What is the best time to buy holiday hams? Hams are usually shrink wrapped in plastic so you can keep them in the fridge for several days. Remember that most hams you see in grocery stores are already cooked and ready to be heated.

  21. How can you tell if ham has gone bad?

  22. Even though the ham has been fully cooked, the pinkish rosy hue of ham remains. Although uncured ham may still be pink, it is pale and almost beige. It’s usually a sign of a bad ham when it turns green, dark, brown or gray.

  23. What is the best spiral ham?

  24. HoneyBaked was our winner, as it had the best flavor and texture. These Ratings provide details about taste tests where our expert sampled three brands of hams.

  25. How long does a Costco Spiral Ham last in the fridge?

  26. You can store leftovers of consumer-cooked hams, as well as spiral-cut hams in the fridge for up to three days. Your refrigerator should be kept at 40 F, and the freezer at or close to 0 F.

  27. Why is my cooked ham slimy?

  28. A sign of bacteria colonization is slimy meat. If these bacteria are eaten, they can cause food poisoning. It is best to discard a slimy Ham. Other signs of a discolored ham include a foul or rotten odor, greenish or grayish parts, and other symptoms.

  29. How much ham do I need for 10 adults?

  30. Delicious Ham Recipes to Make Your Easter Dinner a Success! For a 10 person Easter feast, you will need either a bone-in or boneless ham weighing between 7.5-10 lbs.


A Honey Baked Ham is a delicious way to treat yourself, and with a senior discount, it’s an affordable luxury. For those of us on a budget, though, we need to know how big of a ham we need so that we don’t overspend.

The answer? It depends on how many people you’re feeding and how much they like ham. If you’ve got a large group or are serving ham as the main course, go for the biggest one you can find. Otherwise, a smaller size will do just fine. And remember: there’s always leftover ham for sandwiches the next day!

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