Will Home Depot Refund the Difference if Price Drops?

Home Depot offers customers the ability to request a price adjustment or refund if an item they purchased drops in price within a certain timeframe. This policy allows shoppers to benefit from subsequent discounts or promotions on products they already bought. Understanding the retailer’s price drop refund policy can ensure customers maximize potential savings.

Home Depot will refund the difference if a price drops within 90 days of purchase. This applies to regular priced, non-refurbished, identical products only. Customers need to present the original receipt at a Home Depot customer service desk or contact them online. Price adjustments may also consider shipping costs for online purchases. Clearance, liquidation, open box, and special discounted items are not eligible.

Understanding Home Depot’s Price Drop Refund Policy

The key difference between Home Depot’s price matching and price adjustment policies is timing. Price matching allows you to get an item’s lower price at the time of purchase if you find it cheaper elsewhere. 

Price adjustment lets you get refunded the difference if the item you already bought drops in price later at Home Depot. Essentially, it’s a low price guarantee.

Not all products are eligible for price adjustments after the fact. Clearanceliquidationopen box, and special discounted or promotional items typically cannot be adjusted. Only regular priced, non-refurbished, identical products apply.

How to Request a Price Adjustment at Home Depot

To request an adjustment, you need your original receipt showing the higher price you paid. Home Depot provides 90 days from the purchase date to make this request in-store or online.

The basic process involves taking your receipt to any Home Depot customer service desk or contacting them online. They will review your claim and refund you the difference between what you paid and the new lower price if approved.

Online and In-Store Price Adjustments

Price adjustments can be obtained both online and in Home Depot stores. The main difference is that in-store requests are handled on the spot, while online claims may take 1-2 billing cycles for the refund to process to your original payment method.

As long as you have your purchase receipt, the process is essentially the same. Home Depot aims to make valid price drop adjustments easy and convenient for customers through multiple channels.

Understanding Home Depot’s Price Match Policy

Home Depot also price matches identical, in-stock items from any retailer, including Amazon or Walmart. However, unlike a price adjustment, this occurs at the actual time of purchasing rather than later if the price decreases.

You must show proof the identical item is available for less elsewhere. Home Depot will verify it is an apples-to-apples match before approving the price match. This ensures customers pay the best price upfront.

Maximizing Benefits from Home Depot’s Price Drop Refund Policy

Tips for getting a price adjustment easily approved include checking weekly ads for deals on your recent purchases, monitoring items you bought for subsequent discounts, and retaining all receipts to present for claims.

Actively watching for lower prices allows you to promptly request an adjustment before the 90-day window closes. Having your documentation ready makes the process fast and seamless.

Shipping Costs and Price Adjustments

For items bought online, Home Depot factors shipping costs into price adjustments. So if you paid $10 shipping initially, and the item’s price dropped $15, you would receive a $5 refund. 

In-store purchases avoid shipping fees altogether, so the adjustment is based solely on the item’s price difference.


Chances are high of getting a valid price drop refund request approved by Home Depot, thanks to their flexible and generous policy terms. Combined with excellent customer service, they make it simple to recoup savings when prices fall on purchases you already made. Monitoring deals and understanding the straightforward process lets savvy shoppers maximize value.

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Will Home Depot refund difference if price drops?

Home Depot offers price protection for 30 days after the date of purchase. This means that if a product you have already bought goes on sale you will be able to return your receipt for a full refund. The difference in price between what you paid originally and the price on sale will be refunded to your account.

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To redeem the coupon, you must spend at least $50 It’s easy to sign up online. Subscribers receive around 10 text messages per month, which include Home Depot special offers and promotions, and design tips.

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