How Many Family Members Can Be On A Sam’s Club Membership?

Depending on your needs and frequency of use, getting a membership at Sam’s Club can be worthwhile. You can also add your family members to the membership. So, how many family members can be on a Sam’s Club membership?

If you have a Sam’s Club membership, you can add up to 8 add-on members. However, you need to pay an additional fee when adding members. You need to visit Sam’s Club store to learn about the fees and terms of add-on members.

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How to Add Family Members to Your Sam’s Club Membership?

Adding members to your Sam’s Club membership is not difficult, but there are some steps that you need to follow. 

Step 1: Sign In To Your Account

Creating an account with Sam’s Club allows you to make purchases at a discounted price. You can also access member-only deals, like discounts on prescription drugs. Sam’s Club offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. When you create an account with Sam’s Club, you will need to enter your name, address, email address, phone number, and payment method. You will also be given a membership ID. You can use this ID to log in to your account and contact support. Now, if you want to add members to your account, the first thing you need to do is log in. Enter your credentials and log in to your account. 

Step 2: Go to Membership Section

Adding family members to your Sam’s Club membership is a simple process. You can add up to 8 new members to your membership by clicking on the “Add a family member” button on the homepage. However, in order to do that, you need to log in to your account. Once you log in, you need to click on the “membership” section. Here, you will be able to check all the membership details. 

Step 3: Click On Additional Cardholders

Using Sam’s Club credit card can save you a bundle in the long run if you are willing to pay your balance in full every month. Sam’s Club offers a number of digital membership cards. To add a member, you need to click on the “additional cardholders” option. It will give you details about all the add-on members. 

Step 4: Click On Add Member

After you click on additional cardholders, you will get options to add, delete or edit members in your account. If you want to add a member, you need to click on the “add member” option. It will help you to add more members to your membership.

Step 5: Enter Member Information

Now, you need to enter the information of the member. For example, if you are adding your brother or sister to your membership, you need to enter their details like name, age, contact number, etc. Make sure you enter all the details correctly. 

Step 6: Click On Save

After you enter all the details, review it once and then click on “save.” This way, you will be able to save all the changes in your Sam’s Club membership. 

Step 7: Review Changes

Adding a family member to your Sam’s Club membership can be very useful. It allows you to save money on your membership, and you can get access to a variety of items at a discounted price. Once you add a member, you need to log in to your account again and go to membership to make sure that the member is added. 

Step 8: Pick Up The New Membership Card

After successfully adding a member to your Sam’s Club membership, you need to pick up the new card. You can go to the nearest Sam’s Club store and pick up the card for the new member. 

Benefits of Sam’s Club Membership

Having a Sam’s Club membership can offer you a number of benefits. You’ll receive discounts on prescriptions, optical services, and travel and entertainment. In addition, you can receive cash rewards and free shipping.

Cash Rewards

Among the perks of being a member of Sam’s Club is the Cash Rewards program. This program rewards members with a 2% cash back on qualifying purchases. In addition, the rewards can be redeemed for cash at a service desk. In order to qualify for the cash rewards, members must be active members and make qualifying purchases at Sam’s Club or other third-party merchants. 

Free Shipping

Whether you are buying an item from Sam’s Club online or in the store, you can save a lot of money. Sam’s Club offers free shipping on thousands of items. Sam’s Club offers two types of memberships, the basic and the Plus memberships. The basic membership costs $45, while the Plus membership costs $99 per year. You will be able to enjoy free shipping with these memberships. 

Early Shopping Hours

Become a member of Sam’s Club, and you’ll enjoy a variety of benefits. In addition to early shopping hours, there are perks to be found in the Club’s partner program. Whether you’re a frequent shopper or an occasional shopper, Sam’s Club can help you save money and time. You will get access to early shopping hours with Sam’s Club membership. 

Instant Savings

Whether you’re looking for a great deal, a one-day shopping pass, or a special discount, you can get a lot from your Sam’s Club membership. This includes fuel discounts, special values, and more. Sam’s Club membership includes automatic instant savings offer. When you buy a qualifying item, the discount will automatically be deducted from your registered total. 

Add-On Memberships

Having a Sam’s Club membership can be a great money-saving proposition. Sam’s has a variety of products and services to choose from, from bulk buying to free delivery. With Sam’s Club membership, you will be able to enjoy add-on memberships. You will be able to add 8 more family members to your account. 

Free Prescriptions

Whether you are looking for generic prescriptions or name-brand drugs, you’ll find a deal at Sam’s Club. They have more than 600 pharmacies nationwide and offer more than 600 medications for $10 or less. Some of these are even free.

Optical Discount

Whether you’re looking for sunglasses, contact lenses, or other eye care products, Sam’s Club is a great place to find savings on eye care products. With locations all over the country, the Sam’s Club chain of stores offers a large selection of products at discount prices. Sam’s Club Optical offers a wide variety of eyeglasses and contact lenses. 

Travel and Entertainment Discounts

Whether you are looking to travel for business or pleasure, Sam’s Club travel and entertainment discounts could save you big bucks. For instance, Sam’s Club members can save up to $70 on Walt Disney World tickets. Alternatively, they can save up to 60% off hotels. They can also find discounts on attractions, concert tickets, and sports events.

What Is the Cost of a Sam’s Club Membership?

Purchasing a membership at Sam’s Club can be a great deal. The store offers great quality brands and products, and members receive discounts on certain items. You can also receive a refund if you are not happy with your membership for any reason. However, you should know that you will need to pay for the membership and sign up for auto-renewal every year. 

Sam’s Club has also reduced its membership fee. The entry-level membership is only $45 per year. The best part about the Sam’s Club membership is that it’s a one-stop shop for all your shopping needs. You can save on items such as gas, printer paper, cleaning supplies, and more. 


If you already have a Sam’s Club membership, you can add up to 8 family members at an additional fee. This way, they will be able to enjoy the same offers and discounts as you. You can save a lot with Sam’s Club membership. They offer great discounts on bulk purchases as well as many other deals. 

Frequently Asked Question

  • How many family members can be on a Sam’s club membership?

The Complimentary card is included in a Membership. Sam’s Club members can purchase up to eight (8) add-on memberships at an extra fee.

  • Can you add a 3rd person to Sam’s club membership?

Sam’s Club members can purchase up to eight (8) Add-On Memberships at a $40 additional charge. Sam’s Plus members can obtain 16 (16) more Add-On Club-level Memberships. The additional $40 fee covers each add-on. The Plus Add-ons to a Club Membership are not considered a Plus Membership.

  • Can I shop at Sam’s club without a membership?

Yes, Sam’s Club membership is required to purchase most Sam’s Club products. Sam’s Club must offer some specialty areas to everyone, regardless of whether they have a Sam’s Club membership. These areas are available to anyone without a Sam’s Club Membership.

  • Can I use my Sam’s club card at Costco?

Sam’s Club Mastercard won’t work in Costco as it’s not a Mastercard. Visa only is accepted at Costco. You also get 3% off take-out and dining purchases. However, you only receive 1% everywhere else except Sam’s Club.

  • Can a family member use my Sam’s club card?

Non-transferable membership cards can only be used by card and household cardholders over 18 years of age. Only you, the registered member, can use your membership card. Members who are Business and Household add-ons cannot lend their membership cards to anyone else.

  • What is a plus membership at Sam’s Club?

Sam’s Club Plus is the most valuable Sam’s Club membership. You can get Plus benefits, such as free shipping, to help you grow your business. The Plus membership includes one card for you, the primary member. You can also designate one card to a spouse/household member.

  • Does Costco have a Senior Discount Day?

Costco now holds its designated senior shopping hour twice per week, from 9-10 a.m. on Tuesdays and Thursdays, at warehouses across the U.S., Puerto Rico, with some exceptions, until April 17th, 2022.

  • How do I renew my Sam’s Club membership for free?

You can renew memberships with no add-ons by calling 1-888-433-7275.

  • Is Sam’s club as good as Costco?

Sam’s Club and Costco offer the same products and services. Both can be used in a good way. Costco’s membership fees are higher, but Kirkland’s high-quality products make it very popular. Sam’s Club offers the same benefits as Costco, but has more brands-name products.

  • Does Sam’s club have a discount membership for seniors?

Sam’s Club does not offer discounts to senior citizens on memberships or purchases, but they do offer incentives such as earlier shopping hours and discounts that are available for military personnel.

  • Is Sam’s Club really cheaper than Walmart?

Sam’s Club generally has a wider selection of items than big-box stores and supermarkets. To save 30-40% on a trip to the grocery store, or 20 percent when compared with Walmart (Sam’s Club’s parent).

  • What’s the difference between Sam’s club and Sam’s club Plus?

You get more perks with a Plus membership than a regular Sam’s Club member. It’s more expensive than regular Sam’s Club memberships, but it also offers you more income on a daily basis. Regular memberships cost $45/year, and Plus memberships are $100/year.

  • What happens if I forgot my Sam’s club card?

1. Report a stolen or lost card by immediately calling, visiting or calling any club or contacting Member Care at (888-746-7726. 2. Credit was linked to the card? Please contact Credit Services for assistance. The credit can be transferred to your new membership number.

  • How much does a Costco membership cost for seniors?

You should know first that any person over the age of 55 can become a member. The $55 annual fee they will have to pay is higher than the $110 required for every member. They are eligible to renew their annual membership after three years of continuous membership, but not sooner.

  • What are the 5 free prescriptions at Sam’s Club?

Remember the five free medicines. Donepezil, pioglitazone(Actos), Escitalopram (Lexapro), Finasteride 5mg (Proscar), Vitamin D250,0000 IU and escitalopram [Lexapro] are all available to Plus members for $0 per 30-day supply.

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