Is Netflix free with FireStick?

Netflix is the most popular streaming service and the Fire Stick is one of the most popular streaming devices, but is Netflix free on the FireStick?

Netflix is not free on the FireStick nor are there any special discounts like senior, student, or military discounts. The Netflix app does come pre-installed on the FireStick, which often leads to this confusion.  

There are other ways to save on your Netflix subscription in order to more affordably use the streaming service with a FireStick. This article will cover some tips for saving on your Netflix subscription as well as two ways you may qualify for a free Netflix subscription. 

Netflix is Not Free with FiresStick

A Fire TV Stick is a popular streaming device produced by Amazon. It allows streaming directly to a television. However, it does not come with a free Netflix subscription. 

You will have to purchase a Netflix subscription if you want to use Netflix on your FireStick. A list of Netflix subscription plans is listed below:

Basic with Ads$6.99/monthNot all content available
Basic$9.99/monthWatch on 1 device
Standard$15.49/monthWatch on 2 devices simultaneously
Premium$19.99/monthWatch on 4 devices simultaneously

What Netflix Plan is Best with a FireStick?

The best Netflix plan for a FireStick comes down to your personal situation and how many devices you use with your Netflix account. It’s important to note that a streaming device, such as the FireStick, counts as a Netflix device.

If you are an individual that does not share a Netflix account, then a Basic subscription can work. The only downside is that the video quality is low at 480p. Most people go with Standard because it offers 1080p streaming. 

If multiple users share the Netflix account, then you will want a Standard or Premium account. This way multiple users can watch Netflix at the same time without any problem. 

Is Netflix Free with Any Streaming Device?

Netflix is not free with any streaming device. The Netflix app comes pre-installed on most streaming devices and consoles, but an account with a valid subscription is required to actually watch any Netflix content.

Netflix is sometimes free with internet service providers and with certain T-Mobile plans, but those are the only instances in which you could get a Netflix subscription for free.

Free Netflix for FireStick with Some T-Mobile Plans

Netflix has partnered with T-Mobile to offer free Netflix to T-Mobile customers that sign up for certain plans. You can use this to get free Netflix on your FireStick. 

If you have one of the below T-Mobile plans, then you will receive a Netflix Basic plan for free:

  • Magenta multi-line plan
  • Magenta 55+ plan
  • Magenta First Responders multi-line plan
  • Magenta Max single-line plan

T-Mobile also offers a free Netflix Standard subscription if you have the below T-Mobile plan:

  • Magenta 55+ MAX multi-line plan
  • Magenta® Military MAX multi-line plan
  • Magenta® MAX multi-line plan
  • Magenta® First Responder MAX multi-line plan

Now, it’s not really worth signing up for T-Mobile just for the free Netflix subscription. But if you already have a T-Mobile plan that comes with free Netflix, then you can use it. This is especially nice because you can have a dedicated Netflix account for your FireStick with no extra cost.

Free Netflix with Some Internet Service Providers

Netflix is sometimes included with some internet plans. This just depends on your internet provider and the service you receive from them. They will likely let you know whether or not Netflix is included when you sign up for the service. 

It’s also important to note that Netflix is not actually free with these internet plans. The cost is simply added onto your bill. But if you are already paying for it, then you should use it.

FireSticks with Free Netflix are Scams

Outside of the above two listed situations (T-Mobile and some ISPs), anyone that offers a free Netflix account is a scammer of some sort. There simply are not that many methods to receive a free Netflix account. 

That includes anyone selling a FireStick that comes with free Netflix. A FireStick bundled with a free Netflix subscription does not exist. It’s a scam of type, so do not even waste your time with it.

Does Netflix Have a Senior Discount?

Netflix does not currently offer a senior discount. This is in contrast to many other streaming services, which often offer discounted prices to seniors or allow them to sign up for a special senior plan. Netflix is yet to announce any plans to introduce a senior discount in the future.

Netflix does offer a variety of plans at different prices to make it easier to find a plan that works for you.

These plans have different quality levels and the lowest cost tier does not even offer all Netflix content, but it is still an option to save money on a subscription.

Share a Netflix Account

Netflix does not offer many ways to save on the subscription price. However, they do not have any problem with users that live in the same household sharing their Netflix account.

It’s not permitted for users that do not live in the same household to share a Netflix account, but it still appears common. 

This will likely change in the future, though. Netflix is getting a lot stricter with sharing an account. 

Netflix with Ads is a Low-Cost Alternative

Netflix with ads costs $6.99 per month. It does have downsides like only being available in 480p and not having some programming available on it. 

It still offers excellent value to those that want to save a little extra money, though. It also works perfectly fine on a FireStick. 

Final Thoughts

Netflix is not free with a FireStick or any other streaming device. It is possible to get Netflix for free with some internet plans and a handful of T-Mobile plans and that’s about it.

If you see someone selling a FireStick with free Netflix, then that is most assuredly a scam.

Netflix also does not offer many discounts for their streaming service. There’s no senior discount, military discount, or student discount available for any Netflix subscription tiers.

Netflix does offer a very basic tier with ads to make up for this, though. 

Frequently Asked Questions

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Amazon participates in a pilot program by the United States Department of Agriculture to allow online acceptance of SNAP EBT. Customers with valid SNAP cards in every state except Alaska are currently able to use their SNAP money on Amazon.

  • Does Amazon charge monthly fees?

Amazon Prime Membership Pricing: $19.99 per Month $139 for a year Prime Video Membership is $8.99 per Month

  • Is Netflix free with FireStick?

Netflix now offers a limited selection of free content. You don’t have to sign up or login to watch Netflix. Unfortunately, they don’t make it simple to access the content.

  • Is Amazon Prime 30 day free trial really free?

Although you will not be charged for the free trial, your subscription to Amazon Prime Membership Plan 2 will automatically be extended after the trial ends. To stop your Amazon Prime membership renewing, visit End Your Amazon Prime Membership. This information was helpful.

  • What happens to my purchased movies if I cancel Amazon Prime?

You will be given 48 hours to finish the content once you start watching it. You can retain any movies or shows you purchased before you cancel your Prime subscription. However, they may be restricted or expired and you might not have access to them anymore.

  • How do I get Netflix free for 3 months?

Netflix doesn’t offer free trial, however you can cancel your subscription or change your plans online anytime you feel Netflix is not for you. No contracts are required, there is no cancellation fee, and you don’t have to commit. Sign up to enjoy all that Netflix offers.

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You will pay $12.99 for a monthly subscription and get all of the Amazon Prime benefits. Prices are expected to rise with the price of a monthly subscription rising to $12.99, without taxes.

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Reserve Tier II amounts are 3% of the average daily payments over the last 28 days, or the sum of all unresolved transaction disputes such as chargebacks and AmazonPay A-to-z guarantee claims.

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Splitting orders into multiple shipping shipments, or multiple orders may occur. Multiple charges may be incurred because we ship items at a charge.

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Are there any Amazon Military Discounts? Amazon currently does not offer a military discount. Service members and Veterans should sign up for Amazon Prime in order to get exclusive deals such as Prime Day which starts June 21st 2022.

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Customers who have unlimited monthly prepaid recharge packages of Rs 299 are eligible to receive a free Amazon Prime membership.

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  • What is the difference between Amazon Prime and Prime video?

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