How Much Do AMC Stubs Cost?

For all those times you stayed loyal and true to your favorite movies, I’m here to tell you that it does pay off. With AMC Stubs, You can now get rewards and fun offers on your loved hobby – watching movies!

So, how much do AMC stubs cost?

A standard AMC Insider is free to join, but the Premier is 15$, and the A-List ranges from 19.95$-23.95$. As AMC Stubs members, you can receive free birthday gifts, discounted online ticket fees, Tuesday specials, points toward incentives, and more. Joining the AMC studs can be worth your money because there are many opportunities to earn points and use them for rewards. 

You can also save $15 by buying 10 AMC Theatre Black Movie Tickets on Amazon.

In this article, I will talk about the benefits you receive from being a member of AMC Stubs and, more importantly, how much you have to shell out of your pocket.

How Much Do AMC Stubs Cost?

AMC Stubs is a movie buff’s dream come true. Besides, who does not like discounted tickets, free birthday gifts, and rewards? But just so you know, there are 3 AMC Stubs rewards programs. Here’s a quick overview for you! 

  1. AMC Insider: This is free of cost, and anyone who subscribes can become a member. 

Spending money at participating AMC Theatres’ box offices and concession stands earns you 20 points for every dollar in qualifying purchases. And so what if it’s only 20 points for every dollar? Little by little, the little can become more! 

  1. AMC Premier- This costs 15$ annually but through this service, participating AMC Theatres’ box offices and concession stands provide 100 points for every dollar spent on eligible purchases. Small investment, more points!!
  1. AMC A-List: The cost for A-List varies depending upon the state you live in, ranging from 19.95$ to 23.95$. 

You gain points for paying the monthly A-List membership fee. Plus, with each additional ticket you buy at participating AMC Theatres’ box offices and concession stands, you earn 100 points for every dollar spent on eligible products. That will be a total of….I  will leave it to you to calculate! 

But that’s not where the benefits end! You can get up to three movie showings free as a Stubs A-List Member each week.  

Plus, you can avail of benefits like Standard 2D Digital movies, RealD® 3D movies, and Premium Large Formats like Dolby Cinema®, IMAX® at AMC®, PRIME at AMC®, and D-Box. 

Doesn’t that make you want to go straight away and avail of the membership?

How Do You Earn Points?

Now I get to the exciting part. I will now tell you how you can earn these wonderful rewards. 

You can get points by showing your app or card at the movie theater kiosk or by providing your number while purchasing tickets online or at a nearby concession stand. Depending on your card, you can earn between 20 and 100 points for every dollar you spend. 

The theater will convert your points into incentives in increments of 5,000. These bonuses will fluctuate from time to time and can be exchanged for free concessions or tickets, whatever you want! 

You can then log into your account to view your balance and check what incentives will be valid at the time of redemption. 

What Are the Benefits of Using AMC Stubs?

AMC Stubs has some fantastic offers for you! Check out a few of them here:

1. Birthday Gifts

As an AMC Stubs Insider member, you can get a large popcorn without charge on your birthday. If that’s what they offer to Insider members, you can only imagine what they offer to Premier and A-List members! 

Can you? 

If not, I will tell you! You get a free large popcorn and a free large fountain drink. Isn’t that a lovely treat to make you feel special on your birthday?

2. Waiver of Ticketing Fee

Do you know what happens when you purchase movie tickets from AMC or participating partners? All ticketing expenses are waived for Premiere & A-List Members. Exciting, isn’t it?

Also, when buying four or more tickets at once through AMC Theatres, Insider Members are exempt from paying any ticketing costs. That’s basically like watching a movie for free! Who wouldn’t like that?

3. Refills

Refills are basically ‘buy one, get more free.’ You get one free refill on large popcorn the same day (excluding gourmet). 

As members of AMC Stubs, you must pay only for the first refill or for the yearly refillable popcorn bucket; the second refill is free on the same day. So now you can eat to your heart’s content. Without worrying about the bucks, you will be spending!

4. Concession Upgrades

There’s more! If you are an A-List & Premiere Member, you can enjoy free upgrades on popcorn and fountain drinks during concessions (regular to large). 

However, gourmet popcorn and promotional offers are not included. Aww!

5. AMC Discount Tuesday

You can get discounted tickets for AMC Stubs Tuesday showtimes. They are available for a mere charge of $5 only. Disclaimer, certain blackout periods do apply, so be sure to watch out for them. You will also have additional fees for premium formats, special occasions, and other exclusions.

6. Additional Advantages

AMC Theatres love giving their members more and more. They occasionally provide additional incentives and events to Members, which you can watch out for. These include:

  • Sponsor’s contest
  • Special movie showings for AMC Stubs Members only in a few specific markets
  • Boosts in points
  • Offers on movie tickets and concessions are only valid for a limited time
  • AMC Stubs A-List & Premiere Members have priority lanes at participating theaters
  • Premiere Seating. There are a limited number of seats at AMC Theatres Ontario Mills 30 and Puente Hills 20 that are only available to AMC Stubs Premiere & A-List Members.

Is There an Expiration Date on the Collected AMC Reward Points? 

I am going to break your heart, and I am sorry for it!

Unfortunately, YES. AMC reward points do have an expiration date. 

All your AMC Stubs points will expire 24 consecutive calendar months after your last point-earning transaction. Your Premiere subscription is only good for 12 dates from the date of enrolment and will expire on the last day of the month.

However, the free version of the application is unlimited. It will continue to be valid as long as you use it every 24 months. Besides this, the incentives you have earned with points will expire 270 days after being issued. 

You may have also collected different bonus rewards. So keep track of them as they have different expiration dates. You will find the dates displayed alongside the offer. And there’s just one way to save your points – use them before they expire! 

Final Thoughts

I hope you have the answer to your question: How much does AMC Stubs cost? 

If you’re interested in signing up for the program, you can do so by visiting the official website, downloading the official app, or speaking with an AMC crew member in person. 

All you will need is your name (but obvious), birthday, preferred local theater, and email address.

Your membership will be renewed for an additional year if you use the same procedures as before to renew. But if you do not want to renew your membership, it will be turned into a free Insider account immediately. 

Now that you know all about AMC Stubs, you can choose to be an insider, a premier member, or even an A-List member, based on the times you usually visit a theater. 

If you feel like it’s worth it, then go forth and binge away. Happy watching!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a senior cinema ticket?

Customers 60 and over can get a senior ticket

  • Can you see two movies in one day with AMC a-list?

The theater allows you to see several movies at once or reserve upcoming films. This includes all premium formats like Dolby Cinema and RealD 3D. AMC Stubs A-List Members also get complimentary AMC Stubs Premiere.

  • Does AMC use real butter?

Ballis informs us that your movie theatre butter does not contain butter, however, it contains partially hydrogenated soybean oils (aka trans fats), beta Carotene (a coloring which makes carrots turn orange), and tertiary Butylhydroquinone. TBHQ is a synthetic preservative which keeps color and texture consistent as it sits.

  • Why does movie theater popcorn taste better?

The main difference is in the oil they use. You will also find more salt, which may include flavoring agents. The ingredients of microwave popcorn sold in retail stores must be clearly labeled.

  • Can you return AMC tickets?

Are my tickets refundable? You can request a refund for tickets and food/beverage items that you purchased through our mobile app or website. This is before the print showtime. This refund can be requested online via the Tickets section of your AMC Stubs Account or through your confirmation email. You cannot get your convenience fees back.

  • What is AMC student discount?

What is the Amc Student Discount? AMC Theatres Coupons and Discounts for Students: Save 15%-40%

  • How do I avoid AMC convenience fee?

You cannot get your convenience fee back, but AMC Stubs members can save money by signing up for AMC Stubs. AMC Stubs A-List or Premiere members pay no ticketing fees. AMC Stubs A-List, Premiere, and Premiere members don’t have to pay any tickets fees. Fees are waived for insiders who purchase 4+ tickets. This information was helpful.

  • Can you bring snacks into AMC Theaters?

How about other theaters? AMC Theaters prohibits outside food and drink from being brought into their theaters. AMC states that outside food and beverages are prohibited.

  • How much does AMC Stubs cost?

Get a year of perks for $7.50! Join AMC Stubs Premiere or extend it now to get half off all premium perks including $5 for every $50, no online ticket fees and unlimited size upgrades for popcorn and fountain drinks.

  • How much is AMC plus a month?

AMC+ is $8.99 per monthly. AMC+ doesn’t have ads or offer other pricing tiers.

  • How do you use yellow ticket?

Instructions for eTicket Redemption: In California, NY, and NJ yellow tickets are NOT valid. The eTicket can be used at any AMC Theatres in the United States, except California, New York, and New Jersey. It is also redeemable online at amctheatres. AMC Theatres kiosks and the AMC Mobile App are available at

  • Does AMC Theaters give you anything free for your birthday?

AMC Stubs Premiere & AList members get a large free popcorn and large fountain drinks. Your birthday gifts will be loaded into your account on the first day in your birth month. Simply go to the theatre in your birthday month and scan your card. Voila! This information was helpful to you?

  • Do movie theaters use real butter on popcorn?

Directions. Directions. The same thing happens with real clarified butter. Make it by melting 2 sticks of butter in a microwave-safe glass cup.

  • What is a CEA card?

Information about the CEA card The CEA Card allows disabled guests to get a free ticket to a participating cinema. Cinemas can also use the Card to ensure that they take care of their disabled guests.

  • What is AMC cameo combo?

What is Cameo Popcorn America? AMC CLASSIC and AMC CLASSIC members receive a $5 Cameo Combo, which is a combination of a fountain drink with popcorn in a box. If you want to buy something, make sure that your account number or virtual card is presented.

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