Does Kroger Have Senior Discounts?

Senior discounts have become a staple of many retail businesses across the United States. Stores ranging from grocery stores to department stores offer senior discounts, but does Kroger offer a senior discount to shoppers?

Kroger’s does not offer a senior discount as a general rule. However, some locations may still offer senior discounts for special occasions or promotions.

This article will cover some of the ways that you can still get a senior discount at Kroger.

Top Ways for Seniors to Score Savings at Kroger

Here are a few ways to get senior discounts at Kroger:

Tuesday Discounts

It is worth noting that Kroger offers a discount on most items in their store every Tuesday for individuals who are 60 years or older. This discount entitles customers to save up to 10% on their grocery and household expenses.

To avail of this offer, present your identification card during checkout. Take advantage of this opportunity to benefit from the cost savings on your purchases.

Kroger Pharmacy Discounts

If you are a senior citizen who requires medication but currently lacks insurance coverage, there is an option available to you.

Selected Kroger pharmacies are offering a substantial discount of 20% on specific prescription drugs. We encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity and visit the nearest participating pharmacy to receive this valuable offer.

Kroger Plus Card Loyalty Program

The Kroger Plus Card is an exclusive membership program for cost-conscious shoppers seeking significant savings. The program is open to seniors, who can avail of personalized deals based on their purchasing history.

Notably, the program offers discounts on groceries and fuel purchases at Kroger gas stations, providing members with an opportunity to reduce their overall expenses.

Weekly Sales Flier

Kroger releases a new promotional brochure on a weekly basis, containing a wide selection of discounts and offers on various merchandise. Seniors can leverage this opportunity to optimize their shopping strategy and obtain considerable savings on necessary purchases.

Kroger Plus Shopper’s Club

The Kroger Plus Shopper’s Club is a private association that offers its members exclusive access to discounts and promotional offers. Membership is available at no cost to senior citizens, who can enjoy significant benefits.

Every Friday, members are entitled to receive a complimentary item, akin to a fortuitous win in the grocery lottery. If you are interested in significantly reducing your grocery expenses, we recommend signing up for this club.

Double Coupon Days

Certain Kroger locations provide an opportunity to double your coupon value, resulting in a substantial increase in cost-efficiency.

We recommend reaching out to your nearby Kroger store to inquire about the availability of this advantageous offer.

Gift Card Promotions

By purchasing gift cards, you have the opportunity to earn fuel points and other valuable rewards.

Seniors can benefit greatly from discounted gift card promotions, particularly if they frequent specific stores. These programs and deals offer the potential to maintain a healthy financial situation while still obtaining necessary grocery items.

Accessing Senior Discounts at Kroger

As mentioned previously, Kroger no longer regularly offers senior discounts. It’s still possible to receive one, however, if you pay attention. Some Krogers will run promotions advertising senior discounts. You can find out about these discounts in a few ways:

  • Reading about the promotion in the newspaper.
  • Asking the cashier about a senior discount.
  • Asking a store manager or assistant store manager about a senior discount.
  • Seeing it advertised on the official Kroger app.

We recommend simply asking the cashier or management about a senior discount. They typically occur on only one day, so it might be a good idea to ask before doing any big shopping. 

Requirements for a Senior Discount at Kroger

If your Kroger is offering a senior discount, then it will have some minimal requirements. These requirements are almost always the following:

  • 60 years of age and older.
  • Presenting your state issued ID to the cashier.

Those are generally the only two requirements. Again, senior discounts at Kroger are not a company-wide policy, so the requirements may vary at individual locations. 

Does Kroger Offer an AARP Discount?

Kroger does not offer an AARP discount for grocery items. Kroger Pharmacy does offer a discount to members that present a valid AARP Rx discount card. 

The discounted amount depends on the medicine being purchased, but it can be up to 10% on some medications. It’s important to note that this discount only applies to drugs approved by the FDA. Vitamins or supplements sold in the pharmacy do not qualify for the AARP discount.

How Much is Kroger’s Senior Discount?

The senior discount at Kroger when it was a company-wide policy used to be 10%. However, it varies between 2% and 10% depending on the location now that it’s on a store by store basis.

The amount will be advertised in any promotional materials. 

Items Eligible for a Senior Discount at Kroger?

The senior discount at Kroger is calculated based on the total amount on the receipt. There are some item exclusions like alcohol and tobacco, but the vast majority of items for sale in Kroger are eligible for the senior discount.. 

Ineligible items are automatically excluded from the discount amount, so there is no need to separate eligible items from ineligible items.

Is There a Discount Limit at Kroger?

There is not any explicit limit to how large the senior discount can be at Kroger. This means you could receive a hundred dollar discount if you spent $1,000 and received a 10% discount. 

It is important to note that Kroger does reserve the right to not offer the senior discount if they suspect abuse. We have not heard of this being an issue with their discount, but it is worth noting in the event that they do not honor the discount.

Does Kroger Offer a Military Discount?

Kroger does offer a military discount at some locations. This was announced in late 2022 and rolled out to a few stores in Tennessee and Kentucky. 

The discounted amount is 10% of the total receipt minus certain items (alcohol, tobacco, etc.). It is only available on Wednesdays. Active military members and retired veterans and their dependents are eligible for the discount. 

No registration is required. Simply present a valid military ID to the cashier during checkout on Wednesdays to receive the discount (if the store is one offering a military discount) to receive it.

Other Ways to Save Money at Kroger

The senior discount at Kroger can be spotty as it’s rarely offered and only done on a store by store basis. However, Kroger has a lot of other ways available to save money that more than make up for the missing senior discount. Here are some ways to save money at Kroger:

  • Sign up for a Kroger loyalty card. These loyalty cards allow you to load coupons onto them, which eliminates a lot of the hassle of having to cut coupons. There are also certain discounts only available to loyalty card holders.
  • Download the official Kroger app. The Kroger app makes finding in-store coupons much easier. It also gives access to the Free Friday coupon, which is a coupon for a free item every Friday.
  • Complete a customer satisfaction survey every month for a chance to win $5,000 in free groceries. You can complete the survey by going to the link on your receipt.
  • Shop during Mega Event sale days. These days offer big savings on certain items if you purchase them in quantity (ie. purchase 10, save $5). Manufacturer coupons and store coupons also stack with Mega Event promotional prices, which can result in massive savings.
  • Ask for a discount on produce or meat that is close to expiration. It will usually already have a discount, but sometimes it’s not marked. Sometimes they will lower the price further if you ask.
  • Look for closeout sales. These are used for items that either don’t sell or that are being discontinued. You can find some amazing discounts buying closeout items.

Final Thoughts

Kroger does not regularly offer senior discounts at their stores. They do offer them on occasion, so it’s important to know when these discount days are in order to save the most amount of money. 

Kroger also offers plenty of other ways to save money when shopping with them. The best scenario is to combine those other ways to save money with the senior discount or military discount, but even without a senior discount it’s still possible to save money on your grocery bill at Kroger. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is there a senior discount for Kroger?

How old is Kroger Senior Discount Age? There’s currently no senior Kroger discount. Kroger did offer senior discounts for those 55 and older.

  • How seniors can save on groceries?

Take 10% off on Senior Discount Days! Many grocery stores also offer delivery service. To find out the best time to shop, ask at the customer care desk.

  • Is 55 a senior citizen?

Generally, though, you enter the senior demographic once you reach 55. When you turn 65, you will be the oldest age to retire from your job. But, retirement is no longer a factor for senior citizens.

  • Is a Kroger Plus card free?

It’s easy to register and it is free. Kroger’s loyalty program gives customers access to personalized deals and digital coupons, along with fuel rewards. (Read more below). While you can shop with a Plus card, the digital membership is very convenient.

  • Does Fred Meyer still have senior day?

Fred Meyer Senior Discount: The first Tuesday in every month is Fred Meyer Day. This means that seniors 55+ can get an extra 10% discount on select products.

  • What is the Fred Meyer employee discount?

Kroger employees can get Fred Meyer Jewelers discounts Kroger employees receive a 20% discount for all in-store and online purchases made at Fred Meyer Jewelers

  • How does Kroger Plus shopper’s card work?

A Shopper’s Card can help you save as much as 10c per month on your bill payments. This will allow you to both make money and pay less for utility bills. Cash checks or debit cards are eligible for 50c You’ll get discounts every time you cash a paycheck at work.

  • What age does Kroger give senior discount?

Kroger customers over the age of 60 have enjoyed savings on Kroger corporate brands products ever since Kroger introduced its senior citizen discount program back in 2000.

  • How do I get senior discount on Amazon Prime?

Step 1. Go to the Senior Discount Sign Up Page or Amazon Prime Discount Website. Step 2: The account registration page will be displayed. You will need to choose if you would like to receive an EBT card or a medicaid card under the Choose how to qualify’ section.

  • How do I get a physical Kroger Plus card?

Kroger Plus cards are also available from any Kroger customer service desk. Register or Sign in.

  • Does Fred Meyer have a veterans discount?

Fred Meyer gives 10% off to military personnel. The military discount also includes private brand Groceries such as Kroger, Simple Truth, Fred Meyer and many other brands. Accessories, Apparel, Shoes & Shoes

  • How much is the AARP discount for Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime Membership Reduced Rate Amazon’s reduced rate membership at $5.99 per Month is half the price of a full-priced $10.99 monthly subscription

  • What day is senior shopping day at Fred Meyer?

You can save an additional 10% when you shop for the following products: Private brand Groceries and Nutrition (Fred Meyers, Krogers, Simple Truth, Private Selection and other brands), Apparel and Shoes & Accessories.

  • What is a Kroger Plus membership?

Kroger Plus Cards allow you to earn points every time you shop in Kroger’s stores. These points can be used to buy gas at a discounted price. Exclusive discounts will be offered throughout the store.

  • How much is Amazon Prime membership for seniors?

Amazon Prime Free for 30 days Amazon Prime provides free 2-day shipping to online customers. Amazon Prime is available for $6.99/month to seniors who are enrolled in eligible government assistance programs like TANF or SNAP, Medicaid and SSI.

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