What is flip50?

flip50 is a new healthy lifestyle program designed specifically for people over 50. It was created through a partnership between AARP and Tivity Health with the goal of helping people in their 50s and beyond live healthier, more energetic lives. 

At its core, flip50 provides access to various exercise, nutrition, and rest and recovery resources. By combining these key components of wellness, the program aims to support overall health and prevent age-related decline.

With flip50, users get weekly plans that incorporate fitness activities, healthy recipes, and relaxation techniques. The program connects them to thousands of gyms and fitness centers across the country while also providing easy-to-prepare meals that fit their nutritional needs. 

flip50 also links users up with massage therapists, chiropractors, and acupuncturists to promote rest and recovery. Through this holistic approach, the program seeks to help people over 50 maintain their vitality, longevity, and enjoyment of life.

What are the benefits of using flip50?

Using the flip50 program offers numerous benefits for people in their 50s, 60s, 70s, and beyond:

  • Improves overall health and wellness – By providing tools and resources across fitness, nutrition, and rest, flip50 takes a holistic approach to better health for people as they age.
  • Increases strength, balance, and flexibility – Exercise programs and gym access helps improve physical abilities that tend to decline with age. 
  • Provides tools for better nutrition – Meal plans, recipes, and grocery guidance makes healthy eating simple and accessible.
  • Reduces stress and promotes rest – Massage, chiropractic care, acupuncture, and relaxation techniques counteract stress and fatigue.
  • Connects users to wellness resources – flip50 curates and provides access to services that support healthy aging.
  • Teaches longevity practices – The program helps users implement habits that contribute to longer, vibrant lives.
  • Supports healthy aging – flip50 provides guidance and tools specifically designed for the over-50 population.

Overall, flip50 empowers people in midlife and beyond to take charge of their wellbeing and live their healthiest, happiest lives.

How does the flip50 program work?

The flip50 program provides a number of resources and tools to make healthy living simple and convenient:

Weekly plans – Users get customized weekly plans that include recommended fitness activities, healthy recipes, and restorative practices. Plans can be adjusted based on individual needs and goals.

Fitness center access – flip50 partners with thousands of gyms and fitness centers to provide users with convenient gym access options in their area.

Healthy recipes – The program offers hundreds of chef-designed, easy-to-prepare recipes focused on delicious, nutritious meals. Recipes come with grocery lists and instructions.

Wellness provider referrals – flip50 connects users with massage therapists, chiropractors, and acupuncturists to facilitate rest and recovery.

Relaxation techniques – To manage stress and promote rest, flip50 teaches various relaxation practices like meditation, deep breathing, and mindfulness.

By combining these resources, flip50 makes living a healthy lifestyle simple and approachable. Users get guidance, tools, and access needed to exercise, eat right, and rest well.

What types of exercise resources are available through flip50?

flip50 offers numerous exercise options to help users improve their fitness as they age, including:

Gym access – With gym partnerships across the country, flip50 provides easy gym access at thousands of locations so users can workout wherever fits their schedule.

Video workouts – For home fitness, flip50 offers video workout programs focusing on cardio, strength, flexibility, and balance exercises led by certified trainers.

Fitness classes – flip50 partners with local studios to offer special classes for users centered on stretching, yoga, aerobics, and more to suit different interests and fitness levels.

Personal training – For personalized guidance, users can access one-on-one virtual or in-person training with coaches who specialize in fitness for the 50+ population.

Activity tracking – flip50 has its own activity tracking system to help users monitor their progress with walking, running, strength routines, and other workouts.

With these resources, users have flexibility to exercise both at home and in gyms in ways that match their preferences and abilities.

What nutrition resources are offered by flip50?

To make healthy eating simple and approachable, flip50 provides users with numerous nutrition resources:

Healthy recipes – From ready-to-go smoothies to savory dinners, flip50 recipes focus on delicious, nourishing meals using whole food ingredients.

Meal plans – flip50 offers weekly meal plans tailored to users’ nutritional needs and dietary preferences to simplify healthy eating.

Grocery guidance – Users get tips and lists for nutritious grocery shopping to stock up on foods that support their health goals.

Portion control – flip50 teaches proper portion sizes and strategies to avoid overeating as metabolism slows with age. 

Counseling – Users can work 1-on-1 with flip50 nutritionists and dietitians for personalized nutrition guidance.

With these resources, flip50 breaks good nutrition down into simple, sustainable steps suited for the over-50 crowd.

How does flip50 promote rest and recovery?

Adequate rest and recovery is a key pillar of the flip50 program. Resources focus on incorporating rejuvenating activities into users’ weekly routines:

Meditation – flip50 offers video and audio meditations and guides users on starting a meditation practice to lower stress.

Massage – flip50 connects users to licensed massage therapists for regular massages to aid muscle recovery and reduce tension.

Chiropractic care – The program provides referrals to qualified chiropractors to help improve users’ alignment and reduce aches and pains.

Acupuncture – flip50 helps users find accredited acupuncturists to experience the relaxation and restorative benefits of treatments. 

Sleep guidance – Users learn healthy sleep habits around sleep duration, bedroom environment, pre-bed routines and more.

Relaxation techniques – Through videos and tip guides, flip50 teaches restful practices like breathwork, visualization, stretching, and mindfulness.

Rest is emphasized as a critical complement to activity so users avoid fatigue, injury, and burnout as they age.

How can I get started with the flip50 program?

It’s easy to get started with flip50 in just a few steps:

Enroll online – You can sign up for flip50 online by creating an account and selecting a membership plan that fits your needs and budget.

Get your welcome kit – Once enrolled, flip50 will ship you a welcome kit with a fitness tracker, exercise band, recipe book, and other goodies to help you get going.

Take a fit test – Then, schedule a fit test at a partner gym or with a flip50 coach virtually to determine your fitness level. 

Connect with a coach – You’ll be paired with a flip50 coach who will create your customized fitness, nutrition and rest plans.

Access resources – Finally, you can start accessing all the flip50 resources through the website and app! You’ll get new content and plans each week.

Reaching out to a flip50 representative by phone or online chat can also help guide you through getting started.

What does it cost to use flip50?

flip50 offers flexible membership options to fit different budgets and needs:

Monthly membership – Monthly memberships give you access to all flip50 resources starting at $25/month. Discounted annual memberships are also available.

Premium membership – For $50/month, the premium plan provides additional perks like unlimited 1-on-1 coaching and discounts on partner services.

Free trial – flip50 offers a 7-day free trial so you can test out the program before committing.

Discounts – Discounted memberships are available for veterans, teachers, first responders, and those who qualify through financial aid programs.

Payment plans – flip50 has interest-free monthly payment plans to allow you to spread out membership costs.

With tiered membership levels and payment options, flip50 aims to be accessible and valuable for all budgets. Additional promotions and discounts are offered throughout the year as well.

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