Can I Change My Hertz Rental Car if I Don’t Like It?

Car rental companies are a significant part of the rental industry, setting prices, conditions, and restrictions while offering incentives to entice customers. However, renters may sometimes find themselves dissatisfied with their car after picking it up.

This prompts the question: can you change your Hertz rental car if you don’t like it?

Yes, Hertz car rental allows customers to change their rental vehicle if they are dissatisfied. The exchange process involves returning the initial vehicle to the original pick-up location. The replacement vehicle must be of the same class to avoid fees; however, upgrading or downgrading the vehicle will adjust the rental rate accordingly.

What are the policies for changing a Hertz rental car?

Hertz aims to ensure customers are completely satisfied with their rental experience. Their policies allow you to exchange your rental car at any time if you are unhappy with it for any reason. Some key points on Hertz’s exchange policy:

  • You can swap your rental car by returning to the pick-up location you originally rented from. 
  • There are no fees for simply exchanging one car for another of the same class. Upgrades or downgrades will adjust the rental rate accordingly.
  • Hertz representatives will ask about your reasons for wanting to change vehicles. Be honest about any issues or concerns to streamline the process.
  • Exchanges depend on vehicle availability at that location. Reservations in advance improve the chances of getting the swap you want. 

Can I change my rental car if I’m not satisfied with it?

Yes, Hertz allows you to exchange your rental car at any point if you are unsatisfied. Reasons could include:

  • Cleanliness issues – dirt, scratches, stains, or odors in the vehicle.
  • Damages or defects – existing dents, faulty electronics, etc.
  • Size concerns – car is too small or large for your needs. 
  • Accessibility problems – cannot enter or drive the car comfortably.
  • Simply changing your mind – decide you would prefer a different car.

Hertz aims to satisfy customers, so any valid concerns should warrant an exchange. Be clear when explaining the issues to reps.

What are the fees associated with changing a rental car?

When exchanging for another vehicle in the same class, there are typically no added fees. If you request an upgrade to a more premium car, Hertz will charge the difference in rental rates. Downgrades to a lesser car receive a partial refund of the rate difference.

Additional fees may apply in certain situations:

  • One-way rental exchanges may incur drop-off charges at different locations.
  • Exchanges after the first 24 hours may have a small service fee in some cases.
  • Returning the car earlier than scheduled can result in an adjustment of the rental rate

To avoid surprise fees, ask about any costs up front when requesting a rental exchange. Hertz also offers fee waivers to loyalty program members.

Hertz Membership Levels

The Hertz Gold Plus Rewards® program comprises of three membership levels: the Gold Tier, Five Star®, and the President’s Circle®. Each tier provides a range of benefits for members and is designed to make renting of vehicles a faster and more rewarding process.

1) Gold Tier: This is the base membership level, offering free sign up. Members earn a point for every $1 spent. They enjoy perks like the ability to skip the counter, access to ultimate choice of vehicles, E-Return (quick returns), no blackout periods for rewards, and the ability to earn with other brands.

2) Five Star®: To qualify for this, members must have at least 10 rentals or spend $2,000. Five Star members enjoy the benefits of the Gold Tier, along with availability of upgrades. In addition, they receive a 25% bonus point accelerator and have access to a wider selection of Ultimate Choice vehicles.

3) President’s Circle®: The highest membership level, the President’s Circle, requires at least 15 rentals or $3,000 expenditure. Members at this level are guaranteed upgrades and a 50% bonus on their point accelerator. Alongside, they enjoy the widest selection of Ultimate Choice vehicles and have exclusive access to a dedicated call center line. The President’s Circle also provides exclusive benefits and rewards, making it a notably advantageous tier.

The Hertz Gold Plus Rewards® Membership benefits are calculated to serve a wide customer base, from individuals who rent occasionally to frequent renters. All tiers offer the convenience of bypassing the counter, hassle-free returns, and the chance to earn points for future rentals or rewards. The progression in tiers amplifies the benefits and adds exclusivity in servicing and rewards.

What are different types of rental cars available for seniors at Hertz?

Hertz offers a wide variety of makes and models to suit diverse needs. When renting as a senior, consider these categories:

What features are important to consider when choosing a rental car for seniors?

The right rental car for a senior prioritizes comfort, safety, and accessibility. Ideal features include:

  • High seat positions for easy entry and exit.
  • Generous legroom and headroom.
  • ADA-compliant hand controls or pedal extensions if needed. 
  • Blind spot monitoring and rearview cameras for safe driving.
  • Clear, legible dashboard displays and controls.
  • Voice commands and bluetooth connectivity.
  • Heated seats for comfort in colder weather.

How does Hertz cater to the needs of senior citizens’ mobility and independence concerns?

Hertz aims to provide rental cars that support seniors’ active lifestyles. Some ways they accommodate older renters:

  • Offering smaller fuel-efficient sedans ideal for seniors.
  • Providing minivans with fold-out ramps for mobility devices.
  • Installing hand rails and swivel seats to ease entry in certain models. 
  • Offering GPS navigation with voice guidance on all rentals.
  • Providing roadside assistance for peace of mind.
  • Accepting AARP membership for discounts and benefits.

How Can Seniors Ensure Their Hertz Rental Car is Safe and Accessible?

Safety and accessibility should be top priorities for senior drivers. Hertz offers features to give elderly renters confidence on the road.

What safety features do Hertz rental cars offer for seniors?

Many Hertz vehicles come equipped with advanced driver assistance technology to enhance safety, including:

  • Backup cameras providing a view behind the car.
  • Blind spot monitoring to detect vehicles in hard-to-see areas. 
  • Forward collision warning to alert you of possible impacts.
  • Automatic high beams for better vision at night.
  • Lane keeping assist to prevent drifting out of the lane.
  • Stability control to avoid skids and loss of traction.

Ask if these features are available when you make your reservation.

Are rental cars from Hertz ADA compliant?

Under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), rental car companies must provide vehicles accessible to those with disabilities. Hertz meets ADA requirements in a few ways:

  • Offering cars with hand controls, swivel seats, and wheelchair ramps
  • Providing ADA-compliant shuttle services with wheelchair lifts at airports.
  • Having accessible counters and rental facilities.
  • Allowing service animals in rental vehicles.
  • Offering hearing and visually impaired driving aids upon request.

Notify Hertz in advance about your accessibility needs so they can accommodate you.

What should I know about driving restrictions for seniors when renting a Hertz car?

Senior drivers should be aware of certain license requirements and age-related driving restrictions:

  • Bring your valid driver’s license and proof of insurance when picking up your rental.
  • Suspenders insurance may have age cutoffs, so verify coverage. 
  • Night driving limitations may apply in certain states for older renters.
  • Ensure you are medically fit to drive long distances. Stop and rest when needed.
  • Avoid dangerous weather conditions like snow, heavy rain, or dense fog.

Understanding driving laws for seniors provides confidence and safety. Ask Hertz to explain restrictions.

Beyond the Car: Additional Considerations for Seniors Renting from Hertz

Renting a car is about more than just the vehicle itself. Hertz also provides services, accommodations, and transportation options to meet seniors’ unique needs. 

What other transportation options do seniors have when renting from Hertz?

In addition to rental cars, Hertz offers:

  • Wheelchair accessible vans with ramps and restraints available to rent. Ideal for transporting mobility devices.
  • Mobility scooter rentals at select airport locations upon request. Reduces walking distances. 
  • Shuttles equipped with wheelchair lifts to transport renters with limited mobility.

When booking, inquire about accessibility rentals and shuttle service at your pick-up location. Hertz strives to assist all renters.

What about accessible parking and restrooms at Hertz locations?

Hertz aims to provide an accessible rental experience:

  • Designated accessible parking spots located near rental office entrances. Clearly marked with access aisles.
  • Step-free entryways with automatic or assisted doors at offices.
  • Wheelchair accessible service counters and waiting areas. 
  • Accessible public restrooms with grab bars and high toilet seats.

If you have concerns about accessibility, contact your rental location in advance to verify amenities.

Renting a car through Hertz gives seniors flexibility and independence. By understanding their exchange policies, rental options, and accessibility services, older renters can ensure they select a rental car that is comfortable, safe, and suited to their unique needs. Don’t hesitate to request a different vehicle if your rental doesn’t meet expectations – Hertz aims to provide complete satisfaction.

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