Does McDonald’s Still Accept Coffee Cards?

For years, loyal McDonald’s customers have taken advantage of the coffee card rewards program to earn free McCafe drinks. The familiar “punch card” promotion has been a regular fixture at McDonald’s counters, drive-thrus, and kiosks, allowing customers to simply present a card for the cashier to punch after buying a hot coffee. After earning 5, 6, or 7 punches (depending on the card), customers would get a free cup of coffee. It was a simple, straightforward way to save money for frequent coffee drinkers.

However, McDonald’s recently announced they are retiring the traditional paper coffee cards in favor of a new digital loyalty program accessed through the McDonald’s app. This transition has left many customers wondering: does McDonald’s still accept coffee cards?

McDonald’s no longer accepts coffee cards. The company phased out the traditional coffee card loyalty program in late 2022, replacing it with a digital program called MyMcDonald’s Rewards. The new program, accessible via the McDonald’s app, offers points and rewards for all McDonald’s purchases, not just McCafe drinks.

We’ll cover the details of how the new MyMcDonald’s Rewards program works compared to the old coffee cards, where and when each can be used, the redemption process, expiration policies, terms and conditions, and more. If you have old coffee cards and punches you want to use or are curious about the switch to app-based digital rewards, this comprehensive article will answer all of your questions. Keep reading for the complete rundown on the past, present, and future of McDonald’s customer loyalty programs and coffee card rewards.

Does McDonald’s Still Offer a Coffee Card Loyalty Program?

For many years, McDonald’s offered a popular coffee card loyalty program that rewarded frequent purchasers of McCafe coffee drinks. Customers would receive a punch card that they could get stamped with each McCafe purchase. After buying five McCafe drinks and getting five stamps, customers would get a free coffee drink. This program was beloved by loyal McDonald’s coffee drinkers as a way to save money on their regular purchases.

However, in late 2022, McDonald’s announced that they would be retiring the traditional coffee card program. The coffee cards and paper punch cards are being phased out in favor of a new digital loyalty program called MyMcDonald’s Rewards. This new program is accessed through the McDonald’s smartphone app and offers points and rewards for all McDonald’s purchases, not just McCafe drinks.

The transition away from traditional coffee cards and punches is happening gradually. Some locations may still accept existing coffee cards and punches for a short transitional period. However, McDonald’s states that all locations will fully shift to only offering loyalty benefits through MyMcDonald’s Rewards by the end of 2022.

The Transition from Coffee Cards to MyMcDonald’s Rewards

The switch from coffee cards to MyMcDonald’s Rewards represents an expansion and digitalization of McDonald’s customer loyalty program. With MyMcDonald’s Rewards, customers no longer need to carry a physical card or punch card. All loyalty points are digitally tracked through each customer’s app account.

MyMcDonald’s Rewards also offers points and rewards for any McDonald’s purchase, not just hot drinks. Customers earn 100 points for every $1 spent, which provides loyalty benefits to all customers, even those who do not regularly purchase McCafe drinks.

For existing coffee card holders, any unredeemed punches on their cards before the transition date are still valid. These will be converted to points in each customer’s new MyMcDonald’s Rewards account. However, partially filled coffee cards can no longer be used for new purchases or punches after the transition to MyMcDonald’s Rewards.

The switch to a digital loyalty program allows McDonald’s to provide a more convenient, flexible and integrated rewards system. Customers have a single account that works for all types of McDonald’s purchases rather than needing separate physical cards. The transition may take some adjustment, but overall McDonald’s states that MyMcDonald’s Rewards will provide an improved experience for loyal customers.

How Do I Earn Points with the MyMcDonald’s Rewards Program?

The MyMcDonald’s Rewards program provides a straightforward system for earning points:

The Process of Earning Points: On-Cup Stickers and More

  • Customers earn 100 points for every $1 spent on eligible purchases at McDonald’s. This includes all food and drink menu items.
  • Points are earned on orders placed through the McDonald’s app, at the restaurant kiosk, or at the counter or drive-thru window. 
  • To earn points on orders not placed through the app, customers must provide a special code generated in the app, either by scanning an on-cup sticker or giving the code verbally.
  • Points begin accumulating in each customer’s account immediately with each eligible purchase.

The Cash Value of Points in the MyMcDonald’s Rewards Program

  • With 100 points earned per $1 spent, each individual point has a cash value of 1 cent. 
  • This makes the rewards platform easy to understand, since 100 points = $1 in redeemable value.
  • Over time, regular McDonald’s customers can accumulate points for meaningful savings on future purchases.

Earning points in MyMcDonald’s Rewards is designed to be simple and convenient for all customers. The program rewards every dollar spent, allowing customers to gradually accumulate points for use on future McDonald’s orders.

What Can I Redeem My Points For at McDonald’s?

Customers can redeem accumulated MyMcDonald’s Rewards points for free McDonald’s menu items or other rewards. 

The Redemption Process for MyMcDonald’s Rewards Points

  • Points can be redeemed once a customer has accumulated at least 1500 points in their account, which is equal to $15 of past purchases.
  • Eligible food and drink rewards will appear in the app’s Rewards section, with items requiring different point levels.
  • To redeem, customers can select the desired reward in the app and generate a redeem code to provide at the restaurant.
  • The redeemed item will then be free when the customer collects their order.

Substitutions and Custom Orders: What Can You Get with Your Points?

  • The basic food and drink rewards have pre-determined menu items, such as a hash brown or a McDouble.
  • Customers cannot redeem points for “anything on the menu.” There are set reward options.
  • However, reasonable customizations may be possible, like adding cheese to a hamburger reward.
  • Point requirements are based on the base menu item. Customizations would not increase the points needed.

While there are set reward options, MyMcDonald’s Rewards does provide customers with a good selection of food and drinks to choose from when redeeming points.

How Long Are My Points Valid For in the MyMcDonald’s Rewards Program?

To ensure active use of rewards accounts, MyMcDonald’s points do expire after a set time period:

Understanding the Expiration Date of MyMcDonald’s Rewards Points

  • Points earned in the MyMcDonald’s Rewards program expire 1 year after they are earned. 
  • For example, points accumulated on March 1, 2023 would expire on March 1, 2024 if not redeemed.
  • The account details in the McDonald’s app will display each point balance along with its expiration date.
  • Once points expire, they are removed from the account completely and can no longer be redeemed.

What Happens to Unused Points in the MyMcDonald’s Rewards Program?

  • McDonald’s regularly prunes expired points from accounts. 
  • Customers should be diligent about monitoring points with approaching expiration dates.
  • The best way to avoid losing points is to actively redeem them for rewards before each yearly expiration date.
  • Letting points lapse is like leaving money on the table, so proactively use points within the one-year period.

The one-year expiration policy encourages customers to fully utilize the program by regularly redeeming their accumulated loyalty points.

Can I Use My Coffee Card at All McDonald’s Restaurants?

Now that the coffee card program has been retired, MyMcDonald’s Rewards is the only way to earn McDonald’s loyalty points. However, there are key limitations on where points can be earned and redeemed:

Participating Restaurants in the MyMcDonald’s Rewards Program

  • Not all McDonald’s locations may participate in MyMcDonald’s Rewards yet. 
  • Participating restaurants can be found in the McDonald’s app or through the store locator on their website.
  • Any location accepting MyMcDonald’s Rewards will advertise this in the app when you are nearby.
  • Points can only be earned and redeemed at participating Reward restaurants.

Exclusions: Where Can’t You Use Your Coffee Card?

  • MyMcDonald’s Rewards and related points cannot be earned or redeemed at McDonalds located in hotels, airports, universities, theme parks, or other limited-menu venues.
  • Some franchises may still be in the process of adopting MyMcDonald’s Rewards.
  • When in doubt, check the app to confirm Rewards acceptance before ordering or attempting to redeem points.

Before visiting a McDonald’s location, it’s important to verify whether they fully accept MyMcDonald’s Rewards. Participation is not universal across all restaurants yet.

What Are the Terms and Conditions for Redeeming My Coffee Card?

While the coffee card program no longer exists, redeeming points in MyMcDonald’s Rewards does come with specific legal conditions:

The Fine Print: Terms and Conditions of the MyMcDonald’s Rewards Program

  • The full terms, conditions, and disclaimers for the program are available in the app.
  • Key details include expiration policies, restrictions, points values, and data usage and privacy rules.
  • McDonald’s reserves the right to cancel or set expiration dates for any reward items or promotions.
  • Normal exclusions apply, like taxes and third-party delivery service fees. 

What You Need to Know About Redeeming Your Coffee Card

  • Physical coffee cards and punches cannot be redeemed or accepted any longer.
  • Only points in the app program can be used now.
  • Points have no cash value outside of redemptions and cannot be converted to cash.
  • There are no refunds or rainchecks for redeemed points or rewards.

Like any loyalty program, MyMcDonald’s Rewards comes with specific redemption conditions and policies. Customers should understand the details before utilizing the program.

Can I Transfer My Points to Another Person in the MyMcDonald’s Rewards Program?

Loyalty programs often prohibit transfer of points between separate accounts. MyMcDonald’s Rewards has strict policies on this:

The Rules of Transferring Points in the MyMcDonald’s Rewards Program

  • Points earned in MyMcDonald’s Rewards accounts cannot be transferred to other accounts.
  • Points are attached to the individual account holder who earned them and are non-transferable.
  • Even spouses or family members cannot combine or transfer points between accounts. 
  • Points can only be redeemed by the account holder who originally accumulated them.

What Are the Limitations of Transferring Points?

  • The non-transferability of points helps prevent fraud or sale of points.
  • It also ensures each account holder redeems only their own earned rewards.
  • If McDonald’s loyalty points could be transferred, some customers could try to unfairly benefit off points earned by others.
  • Keeping points tied to accounts protects the integrity of the loyalty program system.

MyMcDonald’s Rewards points are for single account use only. Make sure to earn and redeem from the same individual account rather than attempting to utilize points across multiple accounts.

Can I Use My Coffee Card to Purchase Food Items at McDonald’s?

Now that traditional coffee cards have been phased out, points in MyMcDonald’s Rewards can be earned with purchases of any menu items, not just McCafe drinks. However, there are some limitations:

Using Your Coffee Card Beyond Coffee: Purchasing Food Items

  • Points are now earned on all eligible food and drink purchases, not just hot beverages.
  • Redeemed rewards can also include food items like McDoubles or Chicken McNuggets, not just McCafe drinks.
  • The program is designed to provide rewards for total spend, not just beverage purchases.

The Restrictions of Using Your Coffee Card for Food Purchases

  • Physical coffee cards and punches cannot be used at all any longer, for food or drinks.
  • In the app program, point earnings are only for menu items. Additional fees or charges do not earn points.
  • Points cannot be redeemed for general McDonald’s gift cards or cash, only specific food and drink rewards.

While MyMcDonald’s Rewards is more expansive than the old coffee loyalty program, there are still limitations on how points can be earned and redeemed. Make sure to review program policies before attempting to use points toward non-menu food or drink purchases.

In summary, traditional McDonald’s coffee cards and punches have been phased out and replaced by the new MyMcDonald’s Rewards digital loyalty program. Customers now earn points on all McDonald’s purchases to redeem for free menu items. While this transition takes some adjustment, the new program ultimately provides an enhanced, convenient way for regular McDonald’s customers to save money through loyalty rewards. The key is downloading the app, signing up for an account, and understanding the applicable terms and conditions for earning and redeeming points.

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Sausage Biscuit with Egg Meal, Price $4.29

  • Can mcdonalds coffee cards be used for fries?

Redemption is valid for a medium-hot McCaf drink (choose between single or double espresso), or medium World Famous Fries. Not valid on poutine and other fry options.

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Middle age is a period in which a person has reached adulthood and that precedes old age. Although the definition of middle age can be arbitrary and may vary from one person to another, the general consensus is that it falls between 40-60 years old.

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  • How do you get free drink at mcdonalds?

The app allows you to earn drinks free of charge if you purchase five or six cups. However, this is only applicable for regular and large beverages. To start collecting loyalty points, you just need to scan your app loyalty card when ordering a hot drink.

  • How much Social Security will I get if I make $25000 a year?

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  • How do you get a free drink at McDonald’s?

Members of McDonald’s Rewards app have the opportunity to receive a medium soft drink or medium fries for every Crispy Chicken Sandwich they purchase. A trio of sandwiches options were introduced in the early 2021 to make the Crispy Chicken Sandwich.

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  • What is the $3 bundle at McDonalds?

Three $3 options will be available: the Sausage McMuffin, Triple Cheeseburger, and Happy Meal. The Classic Chicken Sandwich will be added to the menu. According to McDonald’s, this is the first time Happy Meals are included in a Value Menu.

  • Can I still use my mcdonalds coffee card?

McDonald’s coffee chain has changed its loyalty program for coffee, signaling the end to an age-old tradition.

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