Does Home Depot Give Military Discounts On Appliances?

Those in the military or a military dependent may qualify for a discount at Home Depot. But does Home Depot give military discounts on appliances?

The military discount program at Home Depot is aimed at helping the military community save more money on their appliances. You can get 10% off on select items at Home Depot with military discounts. However, the discount cannot be applied to a few items, including appliances.

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What Items Are Excluded From Home Depot Military Discount?

Those who have served in the military will likely be familiar with the Home Depot give military discounts program. This program offers 10% off to veterans every day. Having an active military discount account at The Home Depot is a great way to save on items you need. It can also help you save money on freight and delivery and gift cards and services. However, there are a few items that you should not purchase.


Whether you are an active duty service member, retired or disabled veteran, or a spouse, you may be eligible for The Home Depot military discount. Unfortunately, there are limitations to the discount, so be sure to read all the fine print before you buy an appliance from the store. The military discount doesn’t apply to appliance purchases. If you are purchasing an appliance from Home Depot, you need to pay the full price. 

Value Priced Merchandise

Home Depot offers discounts on certain items to military members. Discounts are only valid on select items and cannot be combined with other promotions. On top of that, you cannot get discounts on value-priced merchandise. If you are buying value-priced merchandise at Home Depot, you will not get 10% off with a military discount. The Home Depot military discount is offered to active duty service members, reservists, veterans, and dependents. 

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Tool Rental Fees

The Home Depot military discount is not available on certain things. It’s also not valid for gift cards or tool rental fees. If you want to rent a tool, you will not get a discount on the fees. In this case, you have to pay the whole money. The Home Depot military discount is for personal use only. It cannot be combined with other promotions or discounts.

Labor Items

Home Depot offers a 10% military discount on qualifying in-store purchases. You can also get a discount on eligible online purchases. The discount is valid on most regularly priced, in-stock merchandise. However, you will not get a discount on labor items. 

Gift Cards and Services

Unlike other retailers, Home Depot does not offer a military discount for gift cards and services. Instead, Home Depot offers a military discount for items that are in stock in the store. There are restrictions to this discount, however. 

Freight and Delivery

Unlike many other retailers, Home Depot does not have a set discount percentage for veterans. However, they do offer a discount of 10% on eligible purchases. The discount is only applicable to in-stock items in the store. It cannot be applied to labor items, special buys, or appliances. It is not applicable to freight and delivery as well.

Some Commodity Products

Home Depot’s military discount offers 10% off for eligible purchases. However, the discount can’t be used on certain items. It is not valid on items such as appliances, labor items, and value-priced merchandise. In addition, The Home Depot Military Discount is also not applicable for a few select commodity products.